"I'm gonna hit on you now" – Podcast with Robbie Kramer

by Eric Disco
Nov 17

supergirlI’ve seen Robbie Kramer do some amazing things with women. He’s one of the most playful, creative yet centered guys I know.

For as long as I’ve known him, I’ve picked up great openers from him and really enjoyed watching every aspect of his game, from pickup to dating multiple women.

[A while back I wrote about this great opener he came up with, which I was using for a while.  “Can I get your advice about something?” he says to a woman. “If you were a guy with brown hair,” he continues to describe himself “and a silver necklace and striped shirt on, and you were interested in a girl who had short blonde hair,”  he describes her, “a nose ring and a cute smile just like that, what would you say?”]

I’ve seen him do things with women most anyone would easily describe as out of his league.

In this podcast Robbie of Inner Confidence goes into specific detail about the last girl he met, describing it step-by-step.

We also hit on some things you’ll have to hear to believe.

  • How to date multiple women and be completely dead honest and authentic about it.
  • How to focus on ways of being in order to naturally attract women.
  • How to cultivate one of the most attractive elements: curiosity.
  • The two key elements that allow you to have strong sexual presence.
  • Real-world exercises you can do to practice presence and vulnerability.
  • A simple technique you can do that will increase your feel for how to be a grounded attractive guy.

Hit On Her Now – Download Podcast (33 min, 33 MB)


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