I'd Rather Die on My Feet Than Live on My Knees

by Eric Disco
Oct 18

A guy I know caught his girlfriend cheating on him.

But instead of leaving her, he stuck around for months playing tug of war over the girl with the other guy.

Who would put up with a girl openly cheating on him?

Who would put up with a girl treating him like shit?

When a guy is in a terrible relationship with a girl, it’s easy to see that the best option for him is to walk away.

No one should stay in a crappy relationship where the woman nags him, bosses him around, or treats him disrespectfully.

The problem is that these things don’t usually happen out of the blue. It’s not like she was treating him amazingly well one day, and the next just started treating him like crap.

These things happen on smaller increments. And they happen… right from the start.

Right from the beginning, he accepted less than he should have from this woman. Perhaps he texted her and she didn’t return his text.

So he texted her again. Begrudgingly, she agreed to meet him for a date. And the relationship progressed from there.

His first mistake was to keep pursuing when she wasn’t giving him enough back.

When you do that, you willingly enter into a field already sown with the seeds of disrespect.

As you get better with women, you become more sensitive to when a woman is not “giving you enough.”

She’s not showing enough interest. She’s not initiating enough with you. She’s not making enough of an effort.

Guys inexperienced with women tend to put MORE effort in when a girl isn’t giving him enough. This makes things even worse.

I recently had a girl cancel a date on me 30 minutes before the date.

“So sorry I can’t make it!” she texted me. “Let’s schedule something for next week if you’re still up for it.”

Most guys, when losing an opportunity like this, will give her more.

They’ll start to be nicer to the girl in the hopes that his dwindling opportunity is restored.

“Sure! No problem,” he’ll say. “Just let me know what day works for you.”

What he should be doing is upping the ante. Even if he did get a date with the girl in this situation, he would have no power on the date. She would have no respect for him.

Instead, he should be making the hurdle HIGHER for her if she’s showing less interest.

Instead of texting her back right away, I waited until the next day. In the afternoon, I texted her, “It depends, are you going to wear a skirt or jeans?”

Raising the hurdle higher like this does two important things for you.

First, If she really isn’t interested enough, it pushes her away. It slams the door shut on an opportunity that would have put you in a bad position anyway.

Second, if she does leap over that hurdle, it builds attraction and raises your perceived value.

Of all the tips, tricks and formulas for being confident or “alpha” with women, the most important is this:

Be willing to walk away if you aren’t getting enough respect or interest.

Respect for yourself begins here. It starts right at the beginning when you meet her… when you text her… when you invite her out on a date.

Practice letting women walk out that door.

Yes, you may have to learn to get women in the door if you can’t already do that.

But remember, women respect men who respect themselves.

You can’t ASK HER to respect you. You can only show her how much you respect yourself by not letting her get away with anything that disrespects you.

Often times, that means watching an opportunity die. And that may be the best thing.

As the old saying goes, it is better to die on your feet than live on your knees.


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