I Used To Have Demons

by Eric Disco
Mar 9

I used to have demons in my room at night. Desire. Despair. Desire. So many monsters. – Annie Lennox

I’m coming off a fantastic weekend. Just finished teaching a workshop. It was beautiful. The best part about it was really connecting with the guys. Being a big brother to them. Seeing them change and grow. Seeing them struggle and overcome.

I don’t normally listen to my ipod on the way to work anymore. It’s too anti-social. I usually talk to a girl or so on the subway train in the morning on the way to work. It’s the best way to start off the day.

This morning is different. I have my headphones on. And I’m listening to slow sentimental music. And I feel great. I don’t even care about making sure I talk to anyone.

As the train stops at 14th street, I look down the subway car. It’s a full-on look. I see a cute girl at the other end of the car looking back at me.

I refuse to break eye contact. I wait until she looks away first.

She keeps looking.

Finally after she looks away I think about walking over to her. I have one stop to go on my train. But there’s an empty seat next to her so I say fuck it.

I walk across the train. Everyone is still and seeing me do this. They have nothing else to look at. I don’t care.

I sit down next to her. I say something to her.

She has headphones on.

I motion to her to pull her headphones out and start talking to her.

For this “pickup” I do everything technically wrong you can possibly think of. And you can tell from the look on her face that this isn’t the smoothest interaction in the world.

But I’m warm to her. And I’m so 100% fine with everything today. Nothing could ruin this perfect morning.

She starts to warm up. I get a smile.

My stop comes up quickly. I say “it was really nice meeting you.” I turn and shake hands with her before I get off the train.

I put my headphones back on. I feel great. I didn’t think I could feel even better than I did before, but I do.


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