How to be Successful in the New Year

by Eric Disco
Dec 31

bakanekonei.deviantart.com1I was asked by one of the guys on the forum to write a post about how to start off the new year.

There are a number of great things you can do to improve your success with women.

You can get coaching (see my new incredibly successful Mentoring Program).

You can plan out what aspects of your game you want to work on and work on each aspect for one month (see How to Eat an Elephant).

But there is one aspect to this game that is more important than all the others.

I coach a lot of guys. And I also know a lot of great coaches. We talk about this all the time.

The main difference, the biggest X factor by far between guys who skyrocket their success, who get better by leaps and bounds vs. the guys who stay where they are is this:

Getting out regularly.

It seems retarded. It seems too easy to be true.

Just walking out your front door and getting to whatever location you’ve chosen to meet women.

That’s the most important part.

Actually talking to women? Secondary.

How can that be? How is it possible?

This is certainly not the *only* factor in improving with women. There certainly are other important factors.

But this one thing is by far the most important factor.

Why? Because you will not do anything else without it.

beautyThe day after Christmas, I get back to New York City.

I’ve spent the last six days in virtual seclusion hanging out with my parents and my sister and brother-in-law and new baby.

I love family. And it was a great time.

But there was virtually no socializing outside of my family for the whole time.

The next morning I get up.

I do some work on my new phone coaching program.

Spend most of the morning and part of the afternoon working on my computer.

By mid-afternoon when I walk out my front door to go meet women, I’m house-drunk. You know that feeling when you’ve spent all day inside and you’re head is swimming.

Wow, I don’t feel like doing this. I feel like staying in.

But I head out to meet women anyway. I gradually get back into it.

I ask a few women stupid questions. Flirt with a few girls.

I don’t even get any phone numbers that first day.

That’s okay.

And I tell myself that’s okay. I am kind to myself. I let myself ease back into it.

I may not even get any dates the next day.

But one thing I do is tell myself is how fucking awesome I am for getting out.

Because if I don’t do this, nothing else will happen.

I talk about this with my coaching friends. The most draining thing on our energy is trying to coach students who don’t get out and practice.

bakanekonei.deviantart.com5There’s almost nothing we can tell them. Where do you go from there?

Conversely, if you’re getting out, even if you aren’t talking to too many people, you are focused on this.

Your brain will start to figure out a way to make this happen.

You’re inspired and turned on because you are actually out among hot women.

And the most important part of this is happening: you are putting your physical body into action.

You are taking some kind of action, instead of reading about it, thinking about it, hoping about it, moping about it, or fantasizing about it.

If you do anything for yourself this next year, make sure you get out on a regular basis.

Plan it out. Make yourself a physical chart that has the next thirty days. Buy yourself some foil gold stars.

And put up a gold star for each day you go out.

Make the chart physical instead of keeping it “in your head.”

Because the last place you want to be in the new year is “in your head.”

I’m not going to wish you the best of luck for the new year. Because you don’t need luck.

You can make this happen by taking one small step at a time.

And it all starts with the first step.

Happy New Year!

Eric Disco


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