Have More Fun In the First Three Minutes

by Eric Disco
Mar 3

The best way to consistently ensure you have fun, positive interactions with the women you approach is to have a routine stack. A stack is a memorized set of things to say when you approach the girl.

You might say you want to be ‘natural.’ You don’t want to have a script. You might be saying, “C’mon, man, you say to be a better version of yourself, not use someone else’s corny, canned lines.”

Hell, you probably are creative and funny. I say use situational openers all you want.

A stack is for fallback. And believe me, you will need fallback.

You will need fallback at the most important moment: when you see a scorching hot girl, as hot as any girl you’ve ever approached, your mind WILL go blank. You will say to yourself “Oh my god, I don’t have an opener.”

If you have something practiced, it’s a lot easier to go in and open that amazing girl. When you get intimidated your body locks up. But if you have a stack, your mind will be working. Because you’ve done it before and you know what to say, you won’t be stalling out of things to say.

It is the best way to improve. Improvement is all about consistency. How can you improve your game if you say something completely different every time you go up to a girl?

Here’s a big secret: the best naturals in the world use the same shtick over and over and over again. Still think you’re better than them?

You can use your own material if you don’t want to use other people’s. It doesn’t make you any less “natural” to start your interactions off with consistency. Just remember what works and memorize it.

If you use the same opener one hundred times in a row, and it works great for a good percentage of those girls, you won’t sit there and question whether the opener is “good” or not. It’s usually not the opener itself that isn’t working. Its usually in the delivery, your body language, your voice tone, etc.

If you have a stack, you can try out new things with it. You know what works and what doesn’t because you’ve done it 50 times. Your stack is modular. You can put a new piece into it and see if it works.

Having a stack allows you to think about other things rather than the words you’re saying. Focus on body language and voice tonality. Try slowing things down in and watch the magic happen.

And you aren’t wed to your routine stack. If you’ve got something better to say, then by all means use it.

A stack will allow you to automatically get you off on the right foot. If you put banter into your stack, it will FORCE you to be fun and banter with super hot girls–even if you’re afraid to. Think of it as training wheels for the first 3 minutes of the interaction. You’re guaranteed that your best foot is forward.

How do you create a routine stack? Here’s some tips.

1. Opener. Choose what to first say when you approach.

“Sweety, I can’t believe you invited all of these people. I thought it was just gonna be you and me. You promised me some alone time.”

“You’ve been voted the third sexiest group in here.” They ask who’s first. “Helloooo ” (pointing to self). If they ask who’s second, say “that guy.”

“Oh my god, this is so embarrassing. I almost wore the same exact outfit. How embarrassing would that be if we both showed up in the same outfit.”

2. Banter. Pick a fun banter line that works with your opener.

“You’re bad girls, I can tell”

“Wait, are you a Republican?”

“Girls have been touching me all night, I think I need a bodyguard.”

“That’s so cute, did you get all dressed up for me?”

3. Stories. Pick a story or two.

Here is an article I wrote about storytelling.

4. Routines. The difference between banter and routines is that routines are fleshed-out banter lines with all sorts of stuff after them. You continue on with the role play. For example, the banter line “Girls have been touching me all night, I think I need a bodyguard.” could be turned into

“Girls have been touching me all night, I think I need a bodyguard. Are you tough? (feel her muscle) Nice. But do you punch like a girl? Here punch my friend Mike in the neck. No wait. Can you keep the girls off of me tonight? etc. etc.”

Part of what you want to do with your routine stack is make it flow, particularly at the beginning. Sometimes you can just throw something random out there (“Ever have a twilight zone moment?”) but other times you may want it to naturally flow from one part to the next. For example, you may want to choose a banter line that follows the opener.

“Oh my god, this is so embarrassing. I almost wore the same exact outfit…” might flow into “Did you get all dressed up for me.”

Ideally you should have two or three minutes of material to keep rolling even if the girl isn’t giving much input. If she’s giving a lot of input then feel free to stray from your stack.

In fact, you want to be careful to not turn into a “robot” and shoot all this stuff at the girl without interacting with her. The best thing you can do is get her to talk about herself.

Everyone has pretense when they first get into conversation with a stranger. Having the right tools to get the conversation flowing will get you to the point where you can be be yourself–the sexiest version of yourself possible.


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