Girl of the Day – Barnes and Noble

by Eric Disco
Oct 6

Barnes and Noble. I was done looking around for girls. I’d spent a while that day and hadn’t found much impressive. So I was going home.

Then this girl walks in. Nothing short of unbeleivable. She was a 9.5 with screaming blue eyes and a killer body.

My heart starts to race. Approach anxiety. Approach anxiety. Approach anxiety. Approach anxiety. Approach the anxiety. Approach it. Lean into the fear. It’s part of me. It is me. Accept it. All of it. Accept everything I feel.

I open her direct as possible. She smiles. I have ZERO game. There is nothing in my mind as I talk to her. I have no lines. It is not me and it is as much me as I have ever been in my life. I can’t stop smiling. She’s smiling too. But giving me nothing verbally.

I’ve spent a year approaching thousands of women. Spent thousands of hours and thousands of dollars learning everything I possibly can. I have arrived. And there is nothing.

I am back in sixth grade, the grinning kid in front of the cute girl. Stuttering. I’m bright red.

After about two minutes, I say “Well, it was nice meeting you, I’ll be going.” We shake hands and I walk off, both of us still smiling.

I walk out the front door of Barnes and Noble smiling. I walk into the street smiling. I walk down into the subway smiling. I wait on the platform smiling. I get onto the train smiling.

I’ve never felt this good after an approach. I’ve always been the introvert. I’ve always been drained of energy, even if it’s a tiny bit, when I do an approach. I can’t beleive how good this made me feel.


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