Getting Sexual – Podcast with Cory Skyy

by Eric Disco
Dec 18


In this podcast Cory and I have a conversation.

We talk about a topic very near and dear to my heart: getting sexual.

“I’m never all over a girl. She’s always all over me,” Cory says.

Cory gives the dirty details about a recent experience of his.

He explicitly talks about what happened and how it happened.

He also talks about:

  • How things progress from verbal to physical
  • How he escalates the interaction
  • How he teases a girl to amp up the connection
  • What Cory does on a first date
  • How he sets the mood
  • Why he doesn’t hold hands with a girl before they’re dating and what he
    does instead
  • Why he never leans in with women, except on some occasions–and what those occasions are
  • What he does if a girl won’t kiss him on the first date

Get Sexual with Cory Skyy

Click play button below or Download Podcast (26 min, 25 MB)


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