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    Probably the worst possible thing happened today. A little background…I have been going to this spot a lot to approach girls. It’s my favorite venue and one of only two that I can consistently find girls to approach. I sometimes have really long sessions there (like 4-6 hours) where I walk around a lot. A while ago I approached this yoga instructor who works in the area. We talked for a while then I asked her out. She wouldn’t give me her number but I gave her mine for some reason and, of course, I never heard from her again.

    Fast forward to today…I have been going out very consistently and doing very challenging approaches; but I am on a massive drought on getting phone numbers, let alone dates. I am out approaching and about to call it a day then I see this cute girl that’s my type. I let her go by then I chase her down and say, “You are really cute and I just had to stop you and say hi.”

    She stopped and was into it. We talked for a few minutes then she said she had to go somewhere. I walked with her and when we were about to go our separate ways, I asked her out and we exchanged numbers.

    So I’m stoked that I got this girl’s number but right as that happened I hear someone come up and say, “You gave him your number?”

    I’m thinking it’s her friend or something, but it’s that yoga instructor I had talked to before. The yoga instructor goes on and tells her that I walk around trying to get girl’s numbers and I’m really creepy. She then says she’s going to call the cops on me.

    The girl I just exchanged numbers with didn’t really seemed phased and I tried to explain the situation, but I highly doubt she would go out with me now. I probably won’t even contact her now just to cleanse myself of what happened.

    So this hasn’t really sunk in yet, but knowing me, it’s going to kill my game. I might not even be able to go back to my favorite spot for fear of this yoga instructor.

    I’m not sure what to do. Has anyone dealt with something like this before? Should I move on to another location? Should I cut down on the length of my sessions?


    Eric Disco

    This is all in your head, dude. Flirting with girls and asking them for their phone numbers is not illegal. A woman can ask you to stop talking to her, but unless you’re menacing – which has a very specific legal definition – you’re good and shouldn’t feel guilty about getting “caught”.

    Now, how should you react when a woman is nasty to you like the one in your story? I’d take the opportunity to mock the person who’s trying to thwart you. I’d raise my voice to a level that other people can hear and say:

    “Oh my god, are you stalking me? Aren’t there like 2 million other men in this city you can harass? I’m sorry but I’m just not attracted to you. Go online and meet yourself a nice man. Seriously, coming here and taking your anger out on me is not going to make you happier.”

    How long do you think that woman is going to want to stick around? 🙂 Seriously, dude, it’s funny as hell when women get all worked up about being approached. It’s their problem, not yours. Learn to laugh it off like I do.

    Now, what should you have said to the nice girl when the nasty cock blocker tried to shut you down? First, don’t explain. Explaining is apologizing. There is no need for an apology. In fact, try going the other way:

    (With a smile) “I admit it. I’m guilty. I have a genetic defect. When I see an attractive woman, I can’t help coming over to say hello. Doesn’t mean we’re going to get married, but hey, more than a few marriages have started that way, right?”

    Never apologize and never back down. In surveys, when women are asked whether they want men to approach them, the majority say yes.


    Eric Disco

    Thanks for the response Lee.

    I totally agree with the premise that I’m not doing anything wrong. Girls who I approach are NEVER mean to me and most at least smile and are flattered.

    My problem is more the perception of other people. If I walk around a lot, people who work in the area will see me a lot. If I’m perceived as a creep by the people who work in the area then that is not good for me. The yoga instructor I talk about in the first post works in the area and I’ll most definitely see her over and over again. I guess I don’t want to be accosted every time I go out. I mean what if she does actually call the cops. I understand I’m not doing anything illegal but that doesn’t prevent her from accusing me of something illegal.

    But generally do you think I should even care if I’m being perceived as a creep? Should I take any measures to fly under the radar a little more?

    I don’t think I was necessarily apologizing to the nice girl but I could’ve done better. By explain I mean I explained to her that I approach girls that I like and some people think that’s weird.


    Eric Disco

    The number of women who are going to take the time to tell other women that you are a creep is negligibly small. So yes, you shouldn’t care. Beyond this, I would take the opportunity to mess with the evil yoga girl. I would go up to her every time I saw her and say “Hey, gorgeous! I’m just out to meet some women today and I thought I’d say hello to you first.” Get yourself used to the idea that you’re perfectly happy with yourself no matter what she says. As for whether she’d lie about you to the cops, I’d say the chances of that are vanishingly small. I’ve been at this for some time and have gotten a surprisingly small number of angry reactions, and none that got me arrested.


    Eric Disco

    Thanks Lee. I’ve been back to my spot a couple times and it’s gone well. No evil yoga girl yet lol

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