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    So yesterday I was waiting in line in some waiting line. Before me a guy of my age and before him a girl that strangely enough was good looking and open to chatting.
    I felt and still feel that I had a better presence and overall looks than him. He was saying a number of half baked jokes addressed to me and her, was smiling like a happy dog and in general was trying to do something. Just something vague.
    The girl was happily answering to him by giving some light glances to me here and there.
    I was almost not answering with words to his comments like I am in my world and simply commenting here and there. I didn’t notice any signs of interest from her part which felt strange since I felt very strongly that I had higher profile than the guy.
    But still I found no “hole” to put feet forward and to initiate anything at all. Just left the girl go.
    Then I was thinking if it was actually feasible in such a situation to get a lead and what I mean not just a number but a commited number if you understand what I mean.
    Still I believe that in this awkward cold waiting line with everyone looking strangely due to boredom there was no real hope.
    But still this can just be a simple excuse…
    So what would YOU do??


    the fact that you looked better than him has no bearing at all in the “real world”. the only place where your looks matter and you compete for looks is only in online dating.

    irl the girl only cares about behaviorisms. the ugly guy who approaches her, talks to her, makes her laugh, gets more “love” than the good looking guy that just stands idle.

    in your case there was nothing to do especially in that weird dynamic with the other guy hanging around you. the only thing would have been to approach her while she was alone. so maybe walk out after her or something. or maybe a different soruation where it’s just you and the girl in line and not some other interfering dick.

    but the bigger question is why are you concerned with this one chick when there’s so many girls by themselves all over the place.

    also in daygame women hardly ever give indicators of interest save for maybe a quick smile. mainly women are passive as that is their nature. they don’t initiate anything they just go about their merry business. so that means it’s your job as the man to start a conversation with them.

    sounds like the guy in front of you attempted to talk to her and you just got a bit jealous that she was talking to him.

    so in the future create your own scenerios and don’t look for iois as they are pretty rare from women during the day. imagine yourself a bee that just goes to find pollen amongst flowers that can’t move.


    Yes I too feel that I hadn’t that much room to do something not funny or weird. However I had this inside storm of willing to do something. It was such a surreal situation and wondered how other people would respond to it.


    I would do the same thing I do wherever I am. I would look at the girl and say, “So before he started talking to you, you looked like you were thinking deep, deep thoughts. You have a story to tell us?” She’s going to laugh or say she wasn’t thinking deep thoughts or say she was and that she has no story. Listen. When you flirt with women, you want to listen to them flirt back. Tells you a lot about them. Then I would say, “I read an article that said that we spend on average 14% of our lives thinking about things that we’re never going to do. I thought about that and decided that if I could have that time back – something like 10 years of my life – I would make a list of the hundred greatest novels and make my way through the ones I haven’t read. (Pause) What would you do?” Boom. Conversation about a potentially interesting topic. And it gets better from there.



    Interesting ideas.

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