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    Thought it would be good for us to talk about what our goals are at the moment. It’s easy to form the habit of going out and practising, but I find sometimes I forget what I’m practising and just approach girls aimlessly.

    I’ll start off.

    Short term goal – dust off the cobwebs. I have been too busy to practise for a week and my AA has come back a bit.

    Long term goals –

    1. Reduce hesitation. I can approach most of the time, but often I need a minute to calm myself down and talk myself into approaching. I know this is a gamekiller, and sometimes the girl walks away before I can get myself together.

    The only ways I can think of doing this are using the old ‘5 second rule’, and using the same opener every time as Lee suggests. I am trying to get comfortable with ‘deep thoughts’, but also considering just sticking to direct openers for a while.

    2. Stay in for longer. I need to get used to staying in until the girl reaches a ‘decision node’, as Ryano used to talk about. I don’t know of any technique for doing this, other than telling myself not to leave.

    3. Transition to personal conversation more. I think this ties in with the last one, because often to stay in longer you have to take a chance and get more personal.


    What are your goals and what are you doing to reach them?


    My goal at the beginning was to date more women. My goal for the last few years when I realized that what was causing me not to act (approach, touch, escalate, whatever) was really a reflex, has been to weaken and ultimately (if possible) eliminate that reflex.

    My approach to all this has always been about psychology.


    @ some guy uk

    Thanks for putting that up so clearly, I think you have stated what’s on my mind as well, points 1 & 2 are pretty much what I am still working on.

    Point 1 – the only way to truly eliminate the hesitation is to approach quickly, the old 3 ( or 5 or 7 second ) rule…which of course leads directly into the question of what you’re going to open with…..since speed is the key , the openers have to be ready or something very obvious ( if we’re going situational/observational) ….
    More than anything, I believe killing the hesitation makes everything a lot easier….

    Point 2 – Staying in longer – yea, I still eject quickly sometimes, even when its quite obvious I could push the interaction further….Nothing but discipline is going to work here I guess

    Those, and improving my text game a bit are the main things I am working on….

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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