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    How would you guys deal with Valentine’s day in a new relationship? Let’s say I have been on one or two dates with a girl. I know I should probably not meet up with her on Valentine’s day but should I even acknowledge it?



    You definitely should not meet up with her on Valentine’s Day. It’s a day for committed lovers, not for two people who just met each other. In my opinion, you should also playfully acknowledge the awkwardness of the moment. For example: “hey. valentine’s day is coming up. i can be a pretty romantic guy when things get going, but you and i are in that figuring out if things are going to get going phase. so here is how i think we should avoid any awkwardness. write my name, number, and email on a piece of paper and give it to your best friend. the day before valentine’s day, delete any trace of me from your phone and computer. the day after valentine’s day, ask your friend to return that piece of paper and we can continue where we left off :-)”


    Eric Disco

    Definitely don’t take her out to dinner. Lee is right that you should probably at least acknowledge it. You could:

    – Shoot her a text on V-day. I would probably go with something more low-key, “Happy V-day. I got you something but I can’t give it to you in public.” Next time you see her, if she asks what you got her, get her to your place and start making out with her.

    – Invite her over to your place for dinner. You could cook up some spaghetti or something. I would only do this if you’ve already slept with her.

    – Get her a joke gift. These Shit Bitch Bears are cute.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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