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    You could go along because you were invited and just approach other girls while your out with both of them.
    Sounds like fun to me. Make it a party and maybe play with both of them. Lol


    I Can hear eckhart tolle right. ” why make it into a problem?” Why make anything into a problem. Lol
    She invited you. So go and allow life to unfold. Maybe it has somthing for you while your approaching and enjoying yourself. Lol cool man i mean some
    Dudes dont even get invited.! And you can hang with 2 girls and then talk to 5 more. You could end up with 7 girls!! How cool would that be lol!!!


    Remember this one guys…?

    Thought I’d update everyone, I ended up going out on a date with her last night ( Monday night ) …and had some fun too….

    Somehow earlier this month ( 15 Jan ) she had run into me at the morning yoga class ( which is for long time students like me ) and came over to say hello…Even more strangely, she texted later that morning to say how nice it was to meet again etc etc…

    This time I just bantered , sometimes real rubbish ( “ aim for the bleachers “ ) and it got to the point where to shut her up, I asked her out…thinking she would refuse, stop this text nonsense and go away ….

    Instead , she agreed to a date, and
    Although she flaked again, this time the text response was very different , so I thought I’d put it up for you guys :

    Her ( Sunday 18 Jan 1 pm ) – ok, here’s my plan : we skip today and go for breakfast/brunch something next Sunday after yoga? How does that sound ? to me great ( smiley face) cause I will be ok, fit and energized ready to take a conversation with you ( what I think I need to make sure you are entertained ) …and not in pain & half exhausted like today…..( it continues on blah blah blah another few sentences in the same vein – very long text….)

    Me ( 1.25 pm ) – M , I am truly flattered that you wish to be so perfectly fit and ready just to meet me….. ( Thanks to SomeGuyUk and Lee from the social dynamics challenge #1 for this response )

    Her – haha I think I need that to cope with you ….:)

    Me : Well, plans tend to come unstuck at the last minute so lets just stay in touch , Sunday brunch is a bad idea for me for reasons I’ll explain when I see you…

    Her : Ok, we stay in touch….I would be free on Thursday evening, as well as Saturday evening or actually the whole of Sunday….

    We finally went out last night because of schedule issues for both of us….but there was a huge barrage of texting that I frankly wish I had not gotten so engaged in…..some lessons there…..but the real lesson learned was to keep my frame the way Lee had suggested it ……eventually she admitted that she found my attitude very attractive to the point where she felt intimidated to actually go on a date.


    That’s great man, excellently played.


    Smiling as I read this. That’s my boy!


Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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