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    On a night out with friends I saw a hottie, danced and chatted and number closed. A day or two later I sent a text, reminding her about the fun we had. She replied within a few minutes. Then, I suggested a place and time three or four days into the future. She evaded saying she’d have a busy day almost up to the suggested time. I waited one or two days and suggested a day later same place and time to which she replied weekend’s bad, because she’ll be busy. So, I let it slide until a day or two later when I pinged her again. She replied almost immediately, telling me her schedule that weekend. When I didn’t reply she asked me a few job related things a day or so later. I answered one more time suggesting a place to which she replied with a joke.
    So, I do get answers fairly fast, but she’s not responding to meeting me.

    Any suggestions? Let it slide, just wait and see, ping again, ask more directly…?


    First, you should never suggest getting together more than once. After that, she should suggest it, or at least give you runway to suggest it by telling you something about her availability. For example, you might say Thursday, and she might respond “can’t thursday. big project due friday. but i’m around all of next week.” If she’s not doing that, you should go back to infrequent pinging. By asking her three times, you lowered your value in her eyes. Disappear for a few weeks and ping her again. Don’t ask her out, even if she responds right away. And don’t respond to her response right away. Let her express a frustration that you’re not as available as she’d like you to be. What’s the most likely outcome? She’s probably not into you and nothing’s going to happen. However, on the off chance that there is something still there, playing it this way might be enough to turn this power dynamic around.



    OK, thanks! Always too much the eager beaver! :p

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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