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    There’s a popular event coming up in my city. Speakers will deliver PechaKucha-like presentations about whatever they want (think something akin to TED talks). I’m contemplating applying to deliver a presentation about my experiences approaching women, and how my dating success has evolved.

    The reward: I’m seen as ballsy, proactive, entertaining (I’m pretty good at public speaking and I suspect I’d do a great job at the delivery).

    The risk: It will be video recorded, and my name (and the presentation) will forever be associated online. Seems like it could be risky from both a personal and professional sense. Plus it could potentially turn girls off who google me before a first date (as they would learn I’ve invested a lot of time cold approaching).

    I figure if I were to do it, it would need to be extremely tactful. That said, curious of your impressions…

    Thoughts welcome,

    Eric Disco

    Think about it for a bit. I would say not to do anything according to how girls will see you (who cares about them? This is about you), or ‘to appear’ a certain way (ballsy, confident, etc.)

    If you give the talk, do it because you really want to.

    If it were me–I would have the reservations you have–(which is why I use a nickname–I would rather people not be involved in my self-help journey, since I feel that it is personal. But maybe if it were a well-delivered, funny presentation, I might do it)

    But some people are completely open to sharing, and even feel that they can help other people. Both are fine.

    Either way, keep us posted…

    Eric Disco

    Yes, if a pseudonym is allowed, I would use it rather than my real name. The recent controversy with Kickstarter is a good example of a community guy making a mistake that can’t be erased. Video is one thing but having your real name in search engines next to words that can attract the ire of feminists can be a professional disaster.


    Eric Disco

    Thanks gents. I’m going to brainstorm if I have a story worth telling. I think it’s inherently interesting and perhaps inspiring, but they may be looking more for innovative…

    Will keep you posted.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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