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    Hey everyone.

    I’m a bit stuck on step three. Asking directions is no problem, but I find it hard to ask a random stranger their opinion on something – it feels “weird”. Anyway, a lot of the time I find it hard to think of something to ask. Can people suggest some good opinion questions to ask. What I feel like I need is a big list of opinion questions. Then I can choose the questions I feel most comfortable with to ask.




    I’m still on Step 2 but if you’ve bought Erics Ebook, along with the audio’s that follow, then take a listen to the Demonstration Interactions, Step 3 – Say Something audio.

    Otherwise and in addition, tell us what places you regularly visit and then maybe someone can then give more specific examples. For example, as part of Step 2, I visit a supermarket, a bookstore and a busy shopping street.


    Easiest for me is in a shop. You pick up an item. Any item. (Condoms and tampons included, for all you should care.) Then you ask a girl nearby if she has tried this before.

    Have you tried this frozen pease before?
    Where can I buy cheap frozen vegetables?
    You are very knowledgeable. I will hire you as my personal grocery shopping assistant.

    Works in parts, whole, with any items.

    When in a bar I will ask where is a good place to pick up girls? If I ask a girl this she will relax as she gets the hint I am not trying to pick her up. It used to relax me as well.

    In the street- I am at a loss of how to do it. The only way I can stop a walking girl is to tell her that I think she is cute/delicious cuz they all run away.

    Finally, RESPECT for changing yourself. You can do it.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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