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    Eric Disco

    I’m still not always comfortable merely with step 3, but I’ve done it every day. Even on the worst of days I’ll go up and say something to one girl at least.

    Step 4 is a bit harder since it seems less in my control whether a girl wants to have an extended conversation. However, I’ve noticed certain situations lend themselves to it better, such as social events/pubs.

    Thanks to the six step method and my own sticking with it, now I can almost always be brave enough to go up to girls in these situations whereas before I would be that guy off to the side drinking beer with some guys and feeling jealous of the guys who could talk to the girls.

    I’ve kept it simple, opening, usually just saying “how’s it going?” A couple times I’ve also tried sitting in the 4th seat at a three girl table. I never would have been bold enough for that before.

    There is still much to work on in terms of actual attraction, but overall I’m at least getting out there now and the range of situations where I’m comfortable talking to women is increasing.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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