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    Hi all–

    OK, back on this site after some account trouble..

    Anyway, question. I need some advice on really simple transitions from chat to spicier (or as Lee and Eric call it, slightly inappropriate) stuff.

    I’m good at conversation, I’m good at challenging, I’m good at having energetic and dynamic interactions with people. It’s close to flirting but not quite there—I need to shift over. I know Eric and Lee sometimes use sexual stories here–but I’m looking for something easier and more incremental–here’s why:

    1. My big sticking point has ALWAYS been flirting/escalation–so after years of this I’m still never (well, rarely) able to allow myself to go there. So a sexual monologue/story is still too far of a jump for me.

    2. I’m in Barcelona, and trying to use Spanish because lots of people here don’t speak English that well. So a simple transition into something a bit more sexual might be something I can use in both languages.

    Thoughts appreciated! (by the way–the women here are gorgeous. Fantastic city–not just for that reason of course–highly recommend a trip out here!)


    Try this one: look her up and down slowly and say “That’s quite an outfit. Do boys like you?” She will usually laugh but will also ask for clarification to which you can respond: “When you’re walking around, do boys stop you to say hello?” She can’t win with this one because your intentions aren’t really clear, but the thread is flirty. If she says no, you can tell her this is her lucky day and ask her if she knows how to flirt. If she says yes, you can be a little skeptical and tell her you’re surprised because she looks like she might just turn around and punch a stranger for being a little inappropriate. “Lucky for you, I’m not easily frightened.” You get it, right? You’re telling her you’re flirting with her but you’re doing it very indirectly.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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