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    Okay, I’ve been doing step 2 for around 10 days now.

    I still tend to dither getting next to a really good looking girl. Hopefully this will get better with time

    Sometimes, I stand next to a girl at the supermarket for example, and she moves away quite quickly (within 5-10 seconds). Nothing new or odd there. However, whilst I stand there, she returns and then stands next to me looking at something close to me. This has happened a few times. Infact this has happened more times when I stand next to two girls… they move away and then come back and sometimes it appears they are even following me.

    Today at book store I noticed what I thought was girl kind of following me but I couldn’t never get next to her since she kept moving as I got close. It was coming to the end off my time at this book store I and thought I’ll try one final time to get next to her.

    This time she was fixed kneeling down looking at some “Home & Interior” magazines. I got next to her and I felt her getting uneasy and to compound things her boyfriend (a big guy!) turns up and she says “I’m glad you’ve arrived just now”. They then went away to coffee area but I felt a little shaken but stood there, kept reading and left. Sure these things are going to happen but has this happened to anybody else? Was I perhaps creeping her out by trying to hard to get close to her?

    Another time in the supermarket, I got next to girl pick up something and the girl is just behind me to one side about 1 foot away. Suddenly she asks my opinion about what I picked up. We then had a “polite” conversation and I ended it after around 90 seconds.

    Okay just a few thoughts on Step 2 for me.

    Any comments from Step 2 people appreciated.


    Eric Disco

    Hey Joey,

    You’re doing just great with these. I don’t think you were, but I recommend not ‘following’ women at all. When you see the girl, walk straight over and position yourself next to her. Whatever she does, let her do it. Stay planted in one place. Then after a while, walk away. Don’t try to get any sort of outcome with women at this step. Instead, focus on training your body to move when you see attractive women. Some women may move away from you when you get over to them. Sometimes they’ll do that just to give you space. Or they were going to leave anyway. Let them do whatever they’re going to do. You are the unshakeable tree.

    What happened with that girl in the supermarket is excellent. She was attracted to you. Keep working on this stuff and eventually you’ll get better at converting that attraction into something more.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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