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    Long story short a friend of mine is a magician and showed me something that i said wow this would be good for chicks.
    I used it for the whole weekend and maybe did show it more than 20 times and all the time i saw this change of state in their attitude. It was like i had some powers to access their brain. I was impressed on how much the girls were impressed…
    Anyway i am thinking of buying one for myself. These damn magicians have so many powerful things tbat i wonder why they don’t get all the girls. Palmistry and astrology are so common and expected nowadays.
    This thing is called silver bullet and is from a site knockoutmentalism which seems to be only selling to magicians.
    What do you guys think, should we use such stuff or rely to more real powers?


    None of these things “work”–it’s the person doing it who either makes or doesn’t make it work. You have a new tool so you feel more charismatic. That’s what the girls are responding to. Palmistry and other gimmicks are excuses to touch someone–(just like “The Cube” is just an excuse to talk about more loaded things like relationships and sex) no one’s fooling anybody.

    Ultimately, you’re at your best if you can learn to rely solely on yourself without using a crutch. Thinking “I’ll be good at getting girls today because I’m wearing this hat” or “Women will talk to me because I have this cool new toy” isn’t particularly healthy psychology. You want to feel–eventually–that YOU’RE the desirable asset–not a magic wand.

    That said, though–if you find that you’re able to talk to more women with your prop, then sure, use it for awhile because ultimately you need to get more comfortable talking to women. But just treat them as training wheels.


    Thanks for the input.
    I need to share with you my progress with it.
    Now I do it 3 times in a row and I mention that I will use this to read her personality and comment on her decisions to place it any particular hand in the way I like. Guess what? They stay with their mouth open. One of them even blushed.
    All ask me to know more and i found best to say nothing and promise to tell them exactly how it works next time we meet, if chance brings us together again sometime…
    I much easier get contact info and still enjoy this new world I had never the opportunity to capitalise on.
    It’s that powerful.

    I will keep you posted.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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