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    Goodnight everyone,

    I am starting the 6 step program!

    Some of my background, i have no problem talking with girls if it is in a bar, disco but i have to come in with friends. If i am with friends everything is ok.

    If i am alone i do have fear/anxiety and i cannot approach them in the streets, cafe… lets say day game, all by myself!

    So i am starting this program and i will be posting here for accountability of my progress and of course if i have doubts and times when i think it is not possible … i hope for some support πŸ™‚

    My current situation: I am working in a big city, temporary, for the next 3 weeks. So i will be starting the first 3 steps even though i will be moving again to another city, so i should also start the steps again.

    I will be relocating to a new city where i dont know nobody.

    My objectives with this program is:
    1. Get good approaching girls in the cafes, malls, and in general start talking with people everywhere;
    2. Construct a social circle, i would like that at least one of them was totally build with people i meet through cold approach. The reason is that i want the freedom to be able to create social circles on demand whenever i am πŸ™‚

    Day: 07-04-2015

    Did first day of step 1.

    (I will not go in details since i dont want to disclose what it is in the book of Eric.
    I bought it sometime ago, but only now i am determined to put it to use.)

    I must say that i did feel litle emotions (anxiety/fear), not very much…. also i was with a smile doing it, i think because i know i am improving my life:)


    Good luck man, let us know how you get on.


    Day: 08-04-2014 (Day 2 in Step 1)

    Today i walked for some new places, i didnt find any place with many 1-1 person to approach. Not so many opportunities, need to find places with more girls around. The streets ok, but many girls and group of girls… i am in a turistic city center. Shoppings also close yearly…

    Regarding my emotions i feel good of doing this steps and i fell my body reacting to the change! I feel little anxiety, lets say a health anxiety, doing the step and i am becoming more used to it.

    The way i can describe is that by going out with the intention of pick up girls the body locks down, feel anxious.

    It is like asking a girl for hours, if you were not interested in her and really the hours there would not be a problem but when you ask for time to pick her up your body lock you down.

    Gently i see that my body is getting used to the idea of going out to pick women.

    Improvement: I want to find places with richier opportunities.

    I am with a smile while writing this, it feels good the feeling of mission accomplished πŸ™‚


    Thank you SomeguyUK, this will be a daily thing πŸ™‚


    Day: 09-04-2014 (Day 3 in Step 1)

    I just looked for more places to meet girls, i guess the best place is the Metro, at least the hour i am going out around 21h.

    Found some other places with some girls but few since at this hour is late or they went out with friends, so in groups.

    Regarding how i feel doing them, i feel that i am more confortable but still have some negative thoughs in my mind, which is a good thing.

    Also i am becoming more confident, today taking the metro home i glass eyes with a girl and i keep looking at her, direct eye contact. I guess i am less afraid and the idea of going to talk with a girl i dont know is more appealing to me.

    Also i was feeling that i should get up and go talk to her. Which i didnt… i am taking my time to do is step and win confidence and more and more time create an habit that will bring me many benefits in the future:)


    Cool man. You might also want to try going to some places where it’s weird for a guy to be. Try going and standing by the makeup counter in a department store/pharmacist. Act like you’re looking at all the beauty products. It will be an uncomfortable place to stand, but it’s where you’ll meet some really cute girls πŸ™‚


    Day: 09-04-2014 (Day 4 in Step 1)

    Well went out, just to check some more places.

    Found a bar gay by mistake, was looking a girl inside until i noticed it was only guys hahaha very quick exit lol

    Anyway still think that metro is still my best bet for the hour i get out of the work. Tomorrow i am going to check the mall, exibitions, parks… i think i should have more luck in this places πŸ™‚

    Thank you SomeguyUK, I will definitely do it!! Also gonna push my limits, by going into bars with very few people and all sitted…. i feel a litle unconfortable because i think that there is not a logical logic to be there… but gonna start pussing the limits!!

    Yes… ladies makeup for tomorrow, very problably πŸ™‚


    Day: 11-04-2014 (Day 5 in Step 1)

    Got out during the day, around 13h. Went to the mall.

    Best place i would say, was around the stores and in the womens sections.

    I would say that this was a more anxious situation, also tryed to staty a little longer on the makeup session. The worst for me and that i still didnt do it was the lingerie session, i feel a little weird to go there alone.

    While in this state i am in a more anxiety feeling state, since i am going out with the intention of meeting women and to the steps. SO in my mind i know that i am there for this.

    Also i come across the women section and pass through it the woman of the store asked me if there was anything she could help me? I was like “no, i am just looking around” but in my mind i was thinking that i did something wrong.

    I refuse my thoughs and went to a store with parfums, men section, and the women there asked me again. SO i think this was good because i got the same answer on 2 different ways, which give me the assurance that nothing was wrong.

    I do think this step is very important because it makes you feel confortable going out with the intention of meeting women, which by itself and in our mind is something not common, so the brain fight it and we become more anxious.

    SO today gonna go out again, so mall more!!


    Good work man. I also think the best place to go is around the stores and women’s sections. Keep doing the stuff you are uncomfortable with – honestly, you can go in the lingerie section, people will just think you’re shopping with/for your girlfriend.


    Thank you man! I want to do it, but the city i am in is a little crazy the stores closes at 19h, even big malls, and in saturday also.

    I really want to push me in this more stressfull situations, i know that if i can do this i can be confortable there i can be anywhere πŸ™‚


    Day: 12-04-2014 (Day 6 in Step 1)

    Today i was sightseing the city. Really amazing things πŸ™‚

    I started to do the step 1 around 16h30 today and i went to the Park. This place was crowded and with lots of single females alone, in the grass, they were reading a book and getting some sun.

    This place is the best in terms of single “targets”, it was there about 25 ladies alone. So i will be going to this Park in future steps.

    Right know this is the most rich place to meet women, then metro and then stores. At least at the time i am going out.

    Regarding anxiety i had very little. I am getting more confortable. The situations that induce me more anxiety are stores in the womens only section, this is something i want to go more to challenge me.

    I did feel good doing this exercices and i am getting more confortable going around πŸ™‚


    Well, i have been busy during this days but only missed one day!! Gonna post my daily entries as soon as possible πŸ™‚


    Good going, buddy. Keep at it!

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