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    Delete her? What was that about not being reactive? 😉

    (Seriously though I kinda agree, the balls on that girl)

    I dunno man, I think Facebook can be a good thing. My FB has pictures of me playing on stage in front of thousands, visiting other countries, hanging out with girls. It shows I have a life. Isn’t that a good thing from a girls POV?


    @ some guy UK

    You did a pretty good pickup & text game….I’m gonna take some pointers from that ….hahahaha……With regards to the girl, I would consider it good practice & just move on to the next prospect….it helps to have a few different prospects at any point

    Simple recent examples
    Girl 1 – good looking executive –26 – picked her up dinner time at an organic food place , insta-dated her there itself some point I tell her about this huge chocolate bar I have in my freezer & she says “ OMG, that’s the sexiest thing I’ve heard all evening “ she tells me she likes my kind of “ look” …She takes my number & late that night texts me first with …”I have cookies….” ( I had fallen asleep and only saw the text the next morning….hahahahha)
    Obviously this chick has game….however , till today – 3 months on – we have never gone on a date….go figure…

    Girl 2 – tall painter –28 – picked her up at the same organic food place, insta-dated her there for 15 minutes before she had to leave ( she’d already said she had to meet friends at a nearby bar at 8 pm & it was 7.45 already but I made her stay for a ‘few minutes” ).
    First time she turned me down for a drink;
    I saw some images of her paintings and mentioned I liked one but that the rest made no sense to me whatsoever….
    Boom, she asks me out , and shows up wearing a nice sexy backless dress ( pretty much showing that she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath ) …

    Seems you’re developing the vibe you need to get better and better results at this so keep at it.


    Agree with Cartoox.



    Well I would unreactively delete her, ie without any emotion.

    But on a serious note she crossed the line with “I’ll think about it”. One thing that should always be more important than any girl is your dignity.

    Facebook is awful because you lose all your mystery. Besides, I don’t just add a girl a met off the street to my facebook. We’d have to get a bit more familiar before I open up so easily. Girls you meet off the street are a dime a dozen. God I wish I lived in London I’d show you how easy it takes to get 5 numbers in an afternoon.

Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)
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