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    1. Overbanter is bad. Less is better than more until I can learn to set the boundary
    2. Frame control is important. Set good frames
    3. Did not use lines correctly – still unsure. What would be a good temporary solution? Possibly, will only use frame banter off of things she says and does.
    4. I should stop feeling like a poor little victim aka a b****.

    Thanks a lot guys, really helpful.


    I’d just keep it to 2 or three texts back and forth, then invite the girl (any girl) to meet you somewhere 🙂 Keep it simple. To be honest your own banter has really looked better than when you’ve been borrowing other lines. At least in the text situation.


    Thank you, MrAntiquity. Will do from now on.


    The first one looked really good. She was playing along. Why did you keep bantering? Why didn’t you just ask her out? It’s too much. All of that bantering comes across as nervous and needy. One or two times – two from you and two from her – and you should ask her out.



    Point taken.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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