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    I see alot of baloney written on this forum and I want to clean it out with some truth. So get yourself a beer, sit down, relax. And let me spell this shit out for you. Because I know what the hell I’m talking about.

    I wrote about this in a previous post. But I’ll write it again to sink this through your skulls.

    This is ALL that women want: SEX.

    Period. That’s it! Women are perverts. They are depraved more than men are. That’s the TRUTH.

    The difference between men and women is: they hide it. They hide is due to societal norms that were established for hundreds of years. Not only do they hide it, they have the audacity to chastise men about wanting it. “He’s a CREEP!”.

    The minute you realize this secret. That ALL women (yes, even that uptight phd professor with the glasses!) wants it is the moment you can start f*cking girls all over the place. The moment you hear them chastise you yet you understand that it’s just society talking for them and it doesn’t mean anything is when you can start talking to them on an unconscious level. You talk to their vaginas, you don’t talk to their brains. You touch, you flirt, you look them in their eyes, you make your intentions known. Granted, some women won’t be interested, but there’s so many that will!


    don’t believe me? go through some of these stupid posts. guys can’t even say HELLO to a girl!!! Guys actually -get scared- to say hello to girls or how to stop girls. If they get scared to say hello to a girl, how are they gonna insert their damn penis into her vagina? WAKE UP. This is the reason why you’re not getting laid, not because you’re “not high value enough”.

    Some WRONG assumptions men have is:
    1. Value – I need to display high value
    2. Looks – I need to have good looks
    3. I need to have Money.
    4. I need to have good style, like Gucci or some shit!
    and my favorite…
    5. I need to get HER to win me over. I need to show that I’m not interested in her so she’ll think I have HIGH VALUE!

    What a joke.

    All you need is an erect penis. Do you have one? good, that’s all women want. Now offer it to them. They’ll have sex with you after 10 minutes if you offer it smoothly enough.

    Instead, men mentally masturbate about EVERYTHING else apart from sex. They start getting into hypotheticals and they start listening to women. And women do not know what they want. All that comes out of their mouths is what society has brainwashed them to say. So they’ll say things like “I want a nice guy”, “someone respectful”, “someone that gives me flowers”, “someone that likes me for ME not for my looks!”, etc.

    Women are very susceptible to group-think and they will never admit what they really want.

    The reason I know this is because I used to do all those things that women say they want and I never got sex. Now all I do is offer sex and my fantasies have been thru the roof. So I know that women are lying about what they want. It’s funny how our entire society is fooled by this.

    1. The amount of times you’re getting laid is linearly proportional to the amount of times you’re saying to a girl “would you like to come up to my apartment?”

    2. Never anticipate a girl to initiate ANYTHING. She won’t. Women are passive. You are the one that initiates and ESCALATES.

    3. You direct the conversation at all times. You direct flirting. A girl won’t all of a sudden flirt with you. She only reacts to what you do.

    4. You need to CONSTANTLY approach women during the day. And I mean about 5-10 women a day. Simply because 60-70% of women you approach will have a logistical issue in the way (she has a boyfriend, she’s not into you for some reason, she’s moving away, etc). But If you live in a big city this is not a problem. Btw, I’ve never used tinder or online dating, or any of that bullshit. Simply because I know women don’t respond to that. They only respond to a sexual vibe and the computer doesn’t supply that. How is a computer gonna convey a 3d man that looks at her like he wants to fuck her? All a computer conveys is statistics and photos — women don’t give a rat’s ass about that.

    5. Talk to them about logical things like work and hobbies and stuff, but remember that sex is the main crux (like 90% of what attracts them). And it’s YOUR duty to sexually escalate. The smoother you do it the better. Ie “let me look at your bracelet” is smoother than grabbing her hand out of nowhere, type of thing. So if you’d like to research something, research on ways of how to make your sexual intent smooth. This generally falls under the societal umbrella term of “flirting”. So go on youtube and look up “how to flirt”. Be a master of flirting, and remember to ask them to come up to your apartment.

    You can thank me later.


    Hey, Ryano–

    I haven’t logged in here for quite awhile, and I’ve read your exchanges with Lee (to be honest I think you guys tend to argue at cross-purposes a lot but probably ultimately agree on several things….)

    But here’s my thinking. Theoretically I agree with you–basically the problem with a lot of (well, nearly all) guys is that sexuality has for whatever reason been socialized out of us. This may not have happened after puberty either–could be a really early thing–but for some reason we’re afraid to be the biological animals that we actually are (and as you suggest, this is true for women as well). In other words, because men and women are meant to procreate, most close liaisons between the sexes SHOULD lead to-or at least be able to–lead to sex. So both men and women should be far more fulfilled, and much more easily, then we’re allowing ourselves to be. Status, value, etc…these are all tactical things that can help, but they’re not fundamental. So in that sense I agree with you.

    HOWEVER (and this is a big however)

    Most guys here are stuck with the simple notion of interacting with women–several steps prior to the sexual level, even. Advising them (and I include myself here–although on rare occasions I’ve been able to fully let myself go and have had astounding success) but advising them to just let go and be sexual is like sending someone from Kentucky over to the Burmese hills and telling them to just start speaking Hmong. It doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t register. It can’t. So Eric/Lee’s approach is slow advancement, focusing more on practiced interactions and some tactical shifts rather than a psychological overhaul. It emphasizes flirting in a way that makes you a bit more challenging and thus exciting, moving towards sexual chemistry that way–rather than your approach which is “I feel sexual chemistry–let’s go with it”. Both can work–both can be effective–both can be fun. Ideally, you’ll have access to both approaches and can combine them. But as yet, most of us cannot do this.

    Thing is, Ryan O–the way you’re talking sounds like you’re “there”, and have been there for a long time. Maybe you went through some tactical shifts that helped, but the fact that you’ve talked about lots of sex and threesomes and things in previous posts means that you’re not coming from the same angle that most of us are. That’s why a lot of people here are unable to relate to your advice. I CAN relate to it–I feel that way myself but have blocked myself off from accessing it. That’s a separate–but related problem.

    Ultimately, in addition to the 6 Steps to Approach, what men need is a 6-Steps-To-Rediscovering-Sexuality (i.e. flirting, but not only flirting).

    Anyway, just some thoughts.


    Yeah I agree. I mean, I’d love to try Ryano’s approach for a while as an experiment. But I think at this stage it might be a bit much for me personally.

    I think for a guy who has a lot of hangups and faults beliefs about women, doing too much too soon can be damaging. If you’re someone who has a lot of shame about your sexuality and then you suddenly ‘expose’ it to a woman and get rejected, that could potentially be very traumatic psychologically.

    Personally I have no problem getting sexual with girls, as I’ve talked about in other threads, but I feel like I need to prioritise getting over my fear of getting personal with girls, staying in conversation, and approaching in earshot of others.


    Men and women have completely different sex drives, as this article explains:

    I am friends with quite a few beautiful women. These women can get laid in exactly 10 minutes by almost any single man in any bar they walk into. All a beautiful woman has to do is walk up to a man, make a minimum amount of smalltalk, and tell him that she wants to have a nightcap in her hotel room. 9 out of 10 men would say yes. Hell, even most married men would say yes. So, given this amazing power, a power that, if they had it, every single, healthy male would use almost every day, it is revealing to note that none of the beautiful women I know ever do this. They go on plenty of dates. They have lots of men chasing them. But, even with this amazing power over men, they sometimes spend months without sex, something that no man, given the same options, would ever do. The idea that women are looking for the same thing as men is CRAZY!




    Yeah, but how many men do you know that know how to smoothly escalate on a woman? Look at this forum, people here are having trouble even saying “hi” to women. And they’re not alone. So many men out there are sexually repressed. I was like that too. So yes, the women you know can have sex whenever they want. But their options are limited as far as men that know how to get them horny. Do they ever have men that approaches them that exudes sexuality and self assurance? I doubt it. And that’s what turns them on.


    @MrAntiquity, @SomeGuyUK

    These are excuses in my opinion. Every man can be sexual with women, all men are born with sexuality. I’ll give you a few exercises to do. One for the approach and one for the date. And please allow me to be blunt and here. It’s for your own sake.

    For the approach:
    When you see the girl you want to approach imagine being in some kind of sexual position you can with her. For example let’s say you’re walking behind a woman look at her ass. Imagine giving it to her doggy-style, imagine her moaning, the whole works. You need to be as explicit as possible in your mind. I’m talking about hard-core shit here. Keep that in your mind and you do any type of opener. It can be direct or indirect doesn’t matter. What will happen though, is during your conversation with her she’ll sense that you might’ve been thinking dirty thoughts b/c you might be talking more deeply or slowly and your eye contact might be lingering a little bit more than it should.

    For the date:
    30 minutes right before the date. Jerk off to some internet porn but don’t cum. But get to the point of almost cumming — but don’t! Now when you see her on the date you will be seeing red basically. This is what you want. This will influence your tonality, your eye contact, everything that actually attracts women. During the date imagine yourself doing what you saw in that porn to her as you’re talking about your usual topics. Do your best efforts to make the conversation more sexual (as she wont ever do it for you). This can be sexual innuendos, flirty conversations, or even examining her jewelry or brushing up against her, or whatever you like. And at the end of the date even if it’s a first-date. Hell even if it’s a coffee date (and even if the date goes horrible!) invite her up for a drink. You need to get used to doing this. Generally women will NEVER get upset with you for trying to escalate with them even if they say “no thanks”. They actually see this as being true to your nature and dominant which is what they like.

    You’ll be amazed that the majority of women will come up to your apartment at the first date if you just ask them, and if you just give something innocent like “for a drink b/c I don’t want to spend any more money on alcohol” or because the bars are loud right now and I just want to hang out.


    Now why is important to add this “sexual” flavor when talking to women? Because as I said before, women are perverts. Hey! I didn’t make the rules. I’m not here to question why God made them this way, but they are like this I swear to you. When they are with a man that doesn’t escalate they get BORED and you will not hear from them again.

    When I was new to pickup I’d always go to bars and try to talk to girls and there was never anything sexual about my conversations. Same thing when I was on the date, we would discuss “safe” topics and the date would be over and I would *NEVER EVER EVER EVER!!!* hear from them again.

    As soon as I introduced more sexuality into my interactions with women all of a sudden they wanted to meet me and hang out. I’d do this by throwing a vague little comment into the text. Or let me eyes linger on them a little bit longer. Little things like that. But I’m telling you guys, that’s what turns them on. I’d actually wager that that’s the ONLY thing that turns them on. That’s why this stuff is so important and that’s why you should incorporate it into your game even if you’re just learning to start conversations with women. it doesn’t matter.

    In the beginning I used to be *VERY* indirect in my approaches and I’d get women’s numbers but they’d flake on me. As soon as I introduced some sexuality: lighthearted teasing, or a seductive glance, that’s when they would hardly EVER flake on me.


    Why don’t you read _any_ romance novels. I bet you will *NEVER* find a romance novel where the guy isn’t trying to escalate on the girl. Read, “Fifty Shades of Grey”. There’s a guy that makes a contract with a girl to f*ck the daylights out of her and dominate her and it became a bestselling novel for women, go figure.

    Similarly, go through ANY women’s magazine. It’s all about sex. Women are much more attuned to sex than men are. While men talk about cars and computers women are talking about orgasms. For example let’s look at cosmo mag:
    some of the topics include “12 ways to give him a love boner”, “14 signs your bf is amazing in bed”, “8 inspired ways to decorate your vagina”, “10 reasons he hasn’t asked you out yet”, “12 things noone tells you about masturbation”, and on and on…

    and all women’s magazines are like this. So get over your AA and get to the more important part: SA (sexual anxiety). Because it’s far, far more important.


    Sexual energy is good but status – or the perception of status is better. That’s why the most desirable women will never sleep with cat calling construction workers, no matter how sexual their comments might be. Women are much more motivated by status than men, which is why 60 year old male rock stars have 20 year old female groupies, and 40 year female rock stars have no groupies. You should always have sexual energy. You should always be escalating. But if you’re average looking and older, the status game – creating that perception of value – is going to be your most effective game.



    you’re talking about gold diggers not the general population. As long as I’m a somewhat humble guy, I’m gainfully employed by some bullshit corporation then I’m “good enough”. Hell, most of the people I meet are in engineering, marketing, management, sales, law, whatever. This is 2014 everyone has pretty stable jobs after college. What kind of “status” are you talking about exactly. People are all the same boring shit.


    as i agree with hurricane that sex for women is just an option. hot girl can have sex just as easy as snaping her finger.

    sure, women are sexual creatures too but most of them want sex with “this guy” , not jus a guy.

    i dont know what hurriacne means by status either.some celebrity status? a “rich guy”status?” famous writer status?” , “rock star status”? “profesor” status? “gangester status?”?
    soem of this kind of status work universally like celebrity status, rock star status ,rich guy status, other are more linked to particular area like “profesor status” will have much more influence in the college enviroment and writer status will be more influencal in literature circles. Anyway to some extent even those last mentioned statuses can be influencial to some extent in general.

    if you mean that kind of status, yes of course this kind of social aura can attract meny chciks.

    but 99% of us are not rockstars or gangesters so….

    I can assume by “status guy” Lee meant “quality guy”. a guy that has something to offer to woman


    My understanding is it means a guy with access to resources – and choice with women.

    But that doesn’t mean you have to actually be a rich/successful/powerful guy. But having the traits of one is attractive. It sub-communicates to women that you are a worthy mate. Mark Manson says in his book that women are equally attracted to someone who appears to have the potential to be successful as one that is actually successfull/rich etc.


    I think ultimately it comes down to demonstrating that you can understand and relate to a woman sexually. That in itself demonstrates status/value–not everyone has achieved that level of comfort with themselves. most haven’t. If you have, that says something: that in itself is sexy. While some people are drawn to external signs of status (wealth, lots of friends, etc.) these are actually quite superficial and not strong fundamentals for true attraction.

    There are lots of flat out losers who do well with women. They demonstrate no status. What makes them successful is the sexual connectivity. Lee–you gave the example of cat-calling construction workers. That may be a kind of sexual energy–but it’s fully one-sided–the woman isn’t actually involved at all.


    How’s this for status?


    and btw, cat calling never works because the man doesn’t actually put in the energy to stop the woman.

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