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    Went on three dates with this girl. No kiss close or anything. I figured I fucked it up. Month of October, she pocket dialed me. Mid November, we’d text back and forth, no pocket dials but we stopped communications late November to early December. Now mid December, she pocket dialed me. Today, she pocket dialed me.

    My name starts with an A and I get it that I may be at the top of her contacts list, but what is the probability of her pocket dialing nearly once a month? I’ve tried calling her earlier this month about a week ago, I didn’t leave a voice message, but she never returned my call. I took this as she wasn’t interested. Then this afternoon she pocket dials me and then texts “Sorry for the pocket dial:)”. I replied 2 hours later with “What did your pocket want? I’m a busy man”. She hasn’t replied yet. Is she trying to reach out or can she be this clumsy with the pocket dialing? I’ve seen her phone, it’s an Android touchscreen phone. I’ve never had anyone pocket dial me this much on “accident”, and yet when I call her, she doesn’t return the call or reply to my text. What’s up with this situation?


    I’d take this one at face value. It’s the easiest thing for a girl to respond and flirt back. She doesn’t have to do much. You provide the entertainment. She plays along. If she’s not doing that, she doesn’t want to get with you. Why are you getting those calls? It’s either a real pocket dial or she’s messing with you. But messing with you still doesn’t mean she wants to get with you. If she wants that, she can just respond to one of your texts. It doesn’t have to be much. She knows that just a smiley face will get you texting till the end of eternity. So put this one into the old business file and don’t spend any time on her.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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