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    Hi guys,

    Want to share something that has helped me approach in the past, and keep at it despite multiple failures.

    “Everything we do, either to gain pleasure or to avoid pain”. When you really inquire yourself you will see that the things we do, we do either because we believe they will grant us pleasure or save us pain.

    So how can we use that knowledge to our advantage?

    By consciously linking pain and pleasure to the activities we desire. For example:

    1. Pain: If I do not approach I will have low level of self-esteem, will never get a girlfriend, will feel bad when other guys are succeeding and I am all alone, etc. …
    2. Pleasure: By approaching I will gain a new level of self-confidence, a momentum that will transfer to all areas of my life, I will get to meet and talk with lots of unique fun people, I will get sex and intense emotional moments, etc. …



    A terrific movie that i can’t remember its name now had a good saying
    “The pain of doing it is much better than the guilt of not doing it”….


    Great topic.
    Im learning too. I will say i am aware to move into a state were the highs and lows arent as pulling to my emotions. Hard to be there.
    Avoiding pain in itself sounds bad.? Try not to create any more pain for myself seems better. Pleasure can feel good but like everything it dissolves to. Getting addicted and clingy to pleasure is where we take the wrong path. Imo

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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