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    I had to share this story, it was too funny/sad. My girlfriend and I went out with a bunch of her girl friends after a show. Her good friend “Mary” met this guy in a J. Crew sweater and scarf who was flashing high value and dollars. Clearly he was trying to get into her pants, so he was buying drinks for her and all her friends. He splashed out on two bottles of Cristal at more than $1,000 a pop, which he was boasting about to anyone who would listen. By the end, his bar tab was $3,500. I had to taste the Cristal, naturally, but when I was talking to Mary, she said she hated champaign… whoops! She said she would’ve just preferred a glass of whiskey. Lol, maybe he should’ve asked what she wanted before splashing out. But my girlfriend loves champaign, so she was happy, cheers dude!

    After the bar, we all went to a strip club (they’re all very liberal girls;) but this rich guy apparently doesn’t like strip clubs, which he tells all the girl friends who actually wanted to go there in the first place. Did I mention Mary used to be a stripper… awkwaaard! So he sits there looking unhappy. But every so often he makes creepy comments to me, my girlfriend and all her friends and tries to make out with Mary, which doesn’t go well. Mary tells me this guy is really giving her the creeps and says he better not try kissing her again. He continues to sit there looking unhappy and hitting on Mary until she finally has enough and goes home by herself. The rest of us hang around for a bit longer and have a great time. The most ironically funny/sad part is that my girlfriend later said that Mary is easy to get into bed, you don’t even need to buy her a drink. Lol. Which only goes to prove that no amount of money will get you anywhere if you don’t know what you’re doing and come off creepy.


    Yeah, good story. So true. Trying to impress women by throwing around money is weak, and they can sense that right away. It doesn’t mean that women don’t like rich guys. Sure they do. But a rich guy can totally blow it for himself by having bad, needy game, like the dude in this story. If you are successful, here’s a piece of advice for you. Let women discover that you’re successful instead of showing them that you are. If you say nothing about your apartment or fancy car and when she finally sees it, she realizes you’re rich, you’re golden. On the other hand, if you blab on and on about your fancy apartment and car, all you’re doing is demonstrating insecurity.


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