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    Hey guys its been definitely awhile from the last time i posted but i need some help.

    Theres a girl at my work that ive been working on for several months already. Ive already made out with her and sucked on her tits haha. No sex yet. However, she says shes a Christian girl and has labelled us as ‘friends with benefits’. When i noted that we werent truly fwb, she said that we’ll never have sex so not to count on it lol.
    Anyhow thats not the major issue right now. I know i need to escalate more with her but i never get the opportunity. To clarify, we’ve never actually went out on a date or hung out outside of work. All the making out is done after our shift at work in a nearby park.

    We have a very flirtatious vibe between us at work and ive proposed dates to hangout (using Lee’s method of stating where and when) and everytime got turned down with an excuse.

    Ill be honest and say I have shown too much interest on some occasions and feel that the power dynamic is more on her end. Any tips on getting her to commit more?


    I think you deeply already know what to do next.
    she will start feeling that with her awkward behaviour she lost you.
    I don’t really know why but women just buy into this technique very easily.
    The pleasure i had every time i did it was surreal. Like a perfect salesman’s pitch.


    I second Tedted’s advice. –Lee


    Yeah i was thinking disinterest would be the way to turn this around. Suggestions on how i should react when she calls me out? I know she will after i stop giving her attention so it’ll be good to be prepared.

    side note, i worked with her yesterday and besides a superficial ‘hi how are you?’ I didnt engage in any talk and did my own thing. She gave me these confused looks several times which is good i guess. The attention has stopped from my side. She’ll wonder why. Advice on the game plan moving forward?

    Thanks, appreciate the input.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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