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    This is a little off-topic b/c it has nothing to do with girls but I have always appreciated the advice here.

    I moved to a big city a couple years ago and partly because of the guys here, I have a girlfriend who I really like and things are going very smoothly. But I still dont have many close friends in this city. I have been ignoring this fact for too long and it is now the biggest way I feel like I can improve my life.

    My question is how much of the advice for girls carries over to friends? The two things Ive been doing well is joining a bunch of activities and making acquaintances. And as long as it works for my schedule, I try not to refuse any invites.

    But Ive had trouble initiating things. Last month I asked a few guys (Anthony, Bob, and Mike) to go to a baseball game, but Anthony & Bob had to work. And Mike took like 3 days to respond, so I assumed he didnt want to hangout w/ me… no big deal. Since then we’ve seen each other plenty at our club and went for lunch with others a few times. Anthony invited me out once when but I was traveling. Tonight I sent a text to Anthony and Bob to meet up for some beers and watch a hockey game tomorrow night, but neither responded at all.

    I’m annoyed by this, much like I used to be when I sent a text to a girl who completely ignored it. Me and the guys seem to get along well in our club. But my question is should I grow thicker skin and keep inviting them out, even if we rarely actually do anything away from it? Or much like I did with girls, should I have zero tolerance and drop it unless they make more of an effort to hang out with me after I invite them once?

    I’m sure this seems overly analytical about a simple thing like making friends. But these type of situations seem to happen to me quite a bit. I always made friends easily growing up, but I think I relied on the other people. I am new to it as an adult and it seems different.

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