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    hey, havent posted in a long time but my current situation is quite weird.

    I met this girl online, got the number, got her on the phone and we were supposed to meet up today. However, she asked me last thursday if i had facebook and i said yes and she sent me a friend request and wanted me to add her.

    I dont usually add people i’ve never physically met so I basically told her I wouldnt add her until we met up. I made light of the situation by joking that she was an undercover cop trying to snoop me out for something lol. Anyways, she kept on pushing the subject of adding her and i refused… and so she stopped talking to me haha.

    So she’s bitter about being basically rejected by me and wont talk to me. Any suggestions on what i should do? Or just let her go cause she acting like a kid?


    Eric Disco

    I’ve met a lot of women online and never have I ever facebook friended any of them. She may be feeling averse to online dating and that was her (false) way of feeling better about it, as if being friends with her on facebook would keep her safe. I would stick to your guns on this. Giving in after taking a stand like that will most likely make you look weak.

    In general, when women talk about facebook, I usually tell them that I don’t do facebook too much. That way when and if they insist on being friends I can blow it off easier.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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