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    I know alot about openers. It’s what I focused on heavily when I was learning this stuff. What I love about openers is it shows your creativity. That’s why I never like scripted openers. And I hate openers that sounds like something you can find online, like in a youtube video. I like to use the environment or the girl herself. And I hardly ever repeat my openers to the same girl.

    I’ll show you what I mean. I think this could help some of you guys.

    This is how you do it:

    When you walk around the world you’ll see women come into and out of your eyesight. Everywhere you are. Be it a supermarket, the gym, a clothing store, the street, your workplace, WHEREVER. Let’s define those places as “scenes”. So when you are in a “scene” and you want to start talking to a girl. This is how you do it:

    Take a photo snapshop of that scene in your mind’s eye. Like, pause the scene for a moment in your imagination. Now you just comment on something that’s a bit out of the ordinary about it, or something interesting about it, or something teasing about it. And say the comment out loud to the girl. That’s all you gotta do really.

    I’ll give you a few scenes as examples. Before you read my opener, look at the picture and try to spot out something that you can comment about it. Something a bit out of the ordinary. Something that POPS out about the picture. And btw, the more teasing/flirty/personable the better.

    Opener: wow, do you usually write out your groceries on a piece of paper? this is 2014 ya know!

    Opener: hey, I like your pants. They fit you great. πŸ˜‰

    Opener: are midterms coming up? you don’t look too happy. πŸ™‚

    Opener: I like the hat. you look so.. bohemian. Is that what you’re going for?

    Opener: how’s the stock market doing?
    Opener: what’s your status on facebook?
    Opener: What game are you playing?
    … and on and on

    Opener: you don’t look like a skate chick..

    Opener: fact that you’re sitting in the middle tells me you don’t want anybody to sit next to you.. am I wrong?

    Opener: great posture.. do you do yoga?

    Opener: excuse me. I don’t mean to be so forward, but your legs look stunning today.

    Opener: Do you always take the time to match your colors?

    Now… sometimes the only thing you can comment about is the girl herself. That’s fine too (ie direct) But be specific about what you like about her.

    Opener: you look sexy. I like the walk.. the boots. Just everything.

    Opener: nahhhhh. I dont think that’s your color.

    Opener: successful shopping day eh?

    Opener: whacha studying?


    Basically alot of the times I’m just using throw away comments. some of them are good. Some of them are bad. Some of them aren’t clever and are just corny. But the main thing is I just say WHATEVER the fuck I want and if a girl is interested in me she’ll react in a certain way.

    I know that if she’s interested. I can pretty much say ANYTHING and she’ll be receptive. So I’m just throwing those out these comments all day and see how the girl reacts. You can literally do this everywhere you are all day.


    Here’s a few infields.

    0:40 – opener: are you a ninja?
    0:58 – opener: this is not working with your chair. you are too far from the fountain.

    Sometimes if you can’t think of anything to say. Direct always works well.

    Opener: I was there. I saw you. I wanted to talk to you because you look cute.


    Honest signalz also has great openers. What’s good about him is he’s always direct. But he doesn’t do direct like every other daygamer “hi i thought you were cute, blabla” He always adds specifics. because there’s a million ways to say “i thought you were cute”. there’s so many adjectives and so many ways to say it. he uses the entire situation and scenerio around him with his openers. and they work great.

    0:28 – excuse me? girl with the blonde hair. truth is i came to the show to pick up some wild mushrooms but i figured maybe i could pick you up as well.

    2:40 – is this your daughter? i think she’s adorable so i had to come over and let you know. and if this is what i have to look forward to in 20 years, then i better get to know her.


    Paul Janka was always very clever in his openers. He’d start off very indirect but slowly work his way / transition into a more personal/flirty conversation. This is like Eric Disco’s six steps, but on steroids. ie he does it very fast. and it’s good in a crowded street where u don’t feel like chasing down a girl.

    He throws alot of complications just to get her to stay in set: “where’s the law school?” … “the campus is that big?” … “he’s waiting for me. I was on west mall. blabla.. I don’t know now where we are?” once he gets her invested, only then does he hit on her..

    notice where he starts flirting: “i’m dissapointed in you!” … and introduces sexuality. “adult films? please tell me no”.. once he has the girls comfort he says “what’s your name? you’re cute..”

    Janka was infamous for his 90 second closes..


    Justin Wayne always has the same opener. He kinda does what Paul Does, but not as smooth because he doesn’t take his time with the openers.. but it just goes to show you that openers just aren’t that important.

    “Do you know where Jamba Juice is?”
    Followed by an assumption
    “You look like you have an artsy vibe.. are you into the arts?”


    I always liked Steve Jabba. He’s kind of like what true direct is supposed to look like. Very dominant and masculine. Very primitive. But his flirtations are what makes it work. Also it’s apparent that he works out and he wears fitted clothes to accentuate that. His posture is very manly too. Yes he looks good. But any man can go to the gym and work on his body, work on his style, and his dominance. But male/female polarity is what makes him shine though.


    another one where you can actually hear the opener..


    back to what I was saying.. things you can comment on:

    1. her emotional state: does she look happy? angry? sad?
    ex: “wow.. you’re the happiest person i’ve seen today”

    2. her activity: does she look lost? is she on her latop or phone? is she walking slow/fast? is she shopping for something?
    ex: you see a girl at starbucks working on a laptop: “how’s the job hunting going?” (here you’re assuming she’s unemployed which is great to get her talking)

    3. accusational comments. “excuse me, you shouldn’t be texting/walking at the same time.” … “excuse me, yawning without covering your mouth is illegal in this country”

    4. something unique about her outfit or her accessories. “interesting shoes..” or “damn, that backpack looks heavy.” or “cool scarf..”

    5. her physical appearance. this usually falls under direct. like “sorry, had to stop you.. you look great today”.

    6. associating her with a stereotype. “you look like a punk/emo/business lady”. “you don’t look like you’re from around here”

    7. something that pertains to the place you’re at. like if it’s the building you work at. “hey, do you work here too?” ..

    8. even casual openers like “hi, how’s it going?” can speak volumes..

    and on and on and on..
    there’s literally infinite things to say to someone and start a conversation. it’s beyond me why guys are rehashing the same old tired lines they see online. or saying the same things again and again. be unique. and above all be improvisational. that way you don’t fall under the “pickup guy” umbrella. that way you can literally hit on many girls every day without making it seem like an “approach”.


    I like spontaneous openers too. Lately i saw a girl taking a picture from her phone and opened her: are you taking a selfi? She hooked and got her number.

    I am curious how you stop a girl walking towards you, do you stop her from front or let her walk past you and approach her from behind?


    Ugh. Another episode of hot guys getting lukewarm numbers from chicks who aren’t as hot as they are. Bleh. Biggest scams on the planet.



    The only videos that look good to me here are the Justin Wayne videos. He’s a New York coach and he actually teaches game with A LOT OF STRUCTURE. He also does a lot of value stuff, talks about what they do, talks about what he does – music production! There, I see some buy in.

    The rest of these are just good looking guys getting into lukewarm conversations with women. Some, if not all of those numbers, are just a woman’s way to get out of there. Very lukewarm. I wouldn’t actually go on any of these dates.

    As I said before, when a man has a lot to offer up front, in terms of his looks, he doesn’t have to do much. When a man has less to offer up front, he needs to have some structure. Go Justin! I’m a fan.



    I do it all, from front, behind, etc. I’m not biased towards any kind of approach. I was always like that from the beginning. Whenever some guy told me to do an approach some way, I’d always do the opposite and still see results. So my general philosophy is kind of like Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do — the style of all styles. And to be improvisational. What I find that what I do is generally based on my mood. Sometimes I feel like messing with people so I go indirect. Sometimes I feel tired and not creative, so I go direct. So it’s emotional based really.

    So sometimes if a really cute girl walks past me then I’ll walk after her. I usually just say “excuse me” as soon as I’m next to her, she then stops and I’ll go direct.

    Sometimes I’ll be standing somewhere (for example I’m sipping a coffee outside starbucks) and a girl happens to walk towards me at that point I’ll usually go more situational using a specific opener to her. To get her to stop I’ll usually motion to her and say “quick question?” she stops and I’ll say ask her how to get somewhere then I’ll transition it into a more personal conversation. Kind of like what Janka does in the video above. But I’m not biased towards that. and I’m not afraid to tell her I’m hitting on her. So sometimes I’ll even ask her how to get to where I am. like if I’m right outside starbucks I’ll say “excuse me, do you know how to get to starbucks?” and she immediately knows I’m hitting on her .. or sometimes I’ll say something that pertains to her like “cool shirt.. what does that mean?” or “is that what college you went to?” (if she has a certain college jacket). This is as she’s walking by. She’ll usually stop just to answer that question. Sometimes I’ll ask her an off the cuff question like “do you know which way is North?” but I’ll get into a lengthy discussion about that, like I’m new to the area (even though I’ve lived in my city for years). Actually, this one time I was with a friend of mine and this girl walked past us and I asked her what’s a good Chinese Restaurant cause me and my friend aren’t familiar with the area. And we talked about it for a few minutes and eventually got more personal and got her number. When she asked me later if I found the chinese restaurant I told her. “wow, that’s awesome.. you actually fell for that. No I just wanted your number”. To which she laughed and we went on a date. She was actually impressed by how believable I made it seem.

    Sometimes when a girl walks towards me I’ll even go direct, like “excuse me? stop for a minute. you look great” .. or I’ll say something off the cuff like “where are you heading off to?” or “are you single?” or “who are you texting?” or whatever. Sometimes I’ll just make eye contact, smile and just say “how’s it going? are you from here?” and then she’s say “yeah why?” then I’ll say .. “dunno, you just looked friendly” and then get her number that way.

    Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not at all perfect. Sometimes the girl walks away or ignores me. Sometimes I say the “wrong” thing and it doesn’t work out. But my philosophy has always been I’ll spit out whatever I want and taking action is above everything. The amount of conversations you can generate is proportional to how much you’re getting dates/lays. So to me just getting into ANY conversation in any way is above anything.

    I have some friends that say the same thing over and over. Like I have a friend that just says “hey, sorry to stop you. I just thought you looked cute”. and he says that to every girl. ALWAYS. Hell, we’ll even be in Sephora or some store and that’s what he does.

    Me, I’m the antithesis of that. I don’t have anything against saying things over and over, and I know it works bc my friend has good results. But something really bugs me about saying the same thing. I’m very sensitive to “sameness” and it depressed me if I need to do something again and again, bc it feels like a chore. so to me, messing with openers is like an artistic expression.

    And being completely unfiltered is also above everything. One thing I don’t like is when people say to do something a certain way. I’ve always been rebellious as a kid so I have it very ingrained in me to just do whatever I want and disregard what people find “normal”. which for pickup works great.


    I’m a fan of Justin too. But Justin said himself that his verbal game sucks and all he’s focused on during the entire interaction is his physical game.

    See 0:45

    And as far as looks. ANY guy can work out and make himself look better. A fat obese disgusting vomitous man can go to the gym and get a six pack, and can get his style in check. I myself go to the gym 5 days a week. I used to be fat but now I’m fit. But it takes alot of work. And consequently now I wear fitted clothes so women can check out all the work I did. But it’s not like an ordinary man can’t make himself look good. Besides, women don’t really care about facial structure the way men look at women. To women it’s more like how much a man takes care of himself, how fit he is, his style.. things that he can basically change. behaviorisms are all that’s important to women.


    Most guys can improve their looks a bit, but not very much. The only guys I see overcoming their looks in these videos are guys who have great structure. If you’ve ever seen Justin’s charts of what game should look like – the arc of his approach and the checkpoints along the way – it’s pretty fucking structured. When he runs it just as he teaches it, he does very well. The same thing, over and over and over, and it’s not simple. It’s a very specific structure.


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