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    I respectfully disagree. An average looking guy in his twenties can’t get a hottie simply by asking for her phone number. He can get an average looking girl, which is what the guy in that last video is doing.




    That’s not correct. Even when you have looks (I’m quite fit thank you), are 20 (22), and are bold (lots of direct approaches) you get nowhere without all the other aspects of game.

    See, it might work for you. But it works for you because you are doing something else right. Just asking for numbers, etc. has got me nowhere. Empirical evidence does not support your hypothesis so far (sadly for me!).


    I did mention in a separate post that you need to atleast have the ability to flirt.

    So when I ask for the number. It’s usually not just “hey, can I have your number?” said in a serious way.

    You’re right that man can’t just say that and expect a number. There’s a few other elements involved:

    1. NONVERBALS. His posture, his smile, the way he looks her in the eyes.
    2. His ability to flirt. Does he tease? Does he joke? is it lighthearted?

    So zhelesko, there’s alot of nonverbal communication going on here. But what I meant with my first about NGAF – is that as long as you’re doing that the nonverbals will usually take care of itself. When the girl senses you are free-flowing, and you’re unflirted in what you say she respects that. The Cupid vid is a good example of that. He just blurts out what he’s thinking and he always does it with a smile, and his intention is THERE. Meaning, it’s VERY VERY clear that he’s flirting with the girl. It’s clear from the first sentence that he’s flirting with her. And that’s important to convey. I would bet that you’re not getting the results you want because you hide behind your intent and you don’t express yourself in a sexual way.

    Hurricane, the guy in the last video is not average looking. He’s a midget. I’d say he’s below average looking. And if you look in his other vids he usually approaches girls that are better looking than him.


    to be honest, guys–I know I’ve said that I don’t date much–which is true–but about 5 years ago I was more comfortable with myself for some reason. Usually when I asked for a number, I got it. But I didn’t ask for numbers if I didn’t feel like there was a good connection. It’s really not hard to get phone numbers. And I’m short, and just flat out average looking.

    I think if you’re going to pass yourself off as an obvious player, then looks are more important because the bullshit is so painfully obvious. Most women won’t be into it whether you’re good looking or not.

    But I see normal/unattractive guys with hot women ALL THE TIME. Probably because they’re just comfortable with themselves and not terrified of an attractive girl…

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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