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    *takes a drag from a cigarette*

    I’m gonna teach you what I know about how to lay a girl on the first date. That’s right. Not 2nd or 3rd date, because I don’t even consider that an achievement.

    If you haven’t already, there’s a prerequisite reading to this post:

    Read that atleast 3 times before continuing on…

    The idea is, is that women are looking for sex. That’s right. They don’t care about your looks or your status, or how “you make them chase you”. Or how intelligent you think you are. Or how “high status” you are, or none of that bullshit. All they care about is your ability to lay down the pipe, and how smooth you are in doing so. And smooth is the key word here.

    Once a friend of mine told me “men are like microwaves, women are like ovens”. Women basically need time to get heated up. They’re not like men. Men get turned on in a fraction of a second. It’s in their nature. Men are explicit and men have no problem whatsoever with explicit language.

    To give you an example on the dynamics at play:


    Therefore, the way you ask women for sex is IMPLICIT. not EXPLICIT. That’s a huge one for most guys to understand.

    What do I mean by Implicit? Well you don’t approach a woman and say
    “Hi, I thought you looked nice. I was wondering if you’d like to have sex with me?”
    Rather you say:
    “Hi, I thought you looked nice. I was wondering if you’d like to have COFFEE with me?”

    ding, ding, ding! Good, got it? let’s carry on.

    Now women like sex just as much as men do. But due to social conditioning and other bullshit they NEED it to be done implicitly, with tact and with class. That’s what they respond to.

    So what you’re trying to do AT ALL TIMES is to bring sex up, but to do so in a progressive way. So not all at once. But to do so in a way that shows her that you understand her preference for things slowly escalating.

    Society has a term for this. It’s called “Flirting”. Men are generally HORRIBLE at flirting. Most don’t know how to do it or what the fuck it even means.

    But I’ll tell you what it means. It just means that you’re offering her sex. But not in a “Hey baby, wanna have sex?” explicit manner. Rather in an implicit manner: a bit of a tease, a joke, a laugh, a wink, an arm “accidently” resting on her thigh kind of way.

    When you approach a girl all the way to when you’re having actual sex with her. Sex needs to _ALWAYS_ be there, implicitly.

    The absence of sexual overtures means one thing for women: THEY LEAVE. That’s right. If you don’t advance sexually with women, they will get the FUCK out of your face ASAP. A good example of this is a bar/club or even a date. Try to talk to a woman about your profession her profession, or something equally dry, I can guarantee with 99% confidence she will never talk to you again. In highschool, we called this being “Friend-Zoned”. The only reason for the dreaded friend zone is the lack of sexual communication which women thrive on. It’s their oxygen. As I said in my past post, women are secretly perverts. But implicit perverts.

    “Game” is nothing more than understanding this sexual language and knowing how to progressively escalate it. That’s it!

    The various forms of sexual escalation are non-verbal (eye contact, speaking slowly, having sexy tonality, etc), verbal (teasing, being playful, speaking sexually), physical escalation (examining her jewelry, brushing up against her, going in for the kiss, and on and on).. your ability, and how well and how smooth you are in escalating each one of these areas speaks volumes to women.

    Your Approaches / Your Dates then becomes an expression of the above. Especially if you’re looking to get laid. It’s definitely not about talking about your life’s ambitions or about how much money you make or any of that garbage.

    I’m going to now turn my attention to an audio recording by a pua called Tom Torero. He clearly understands this sexual communication. Again, there’s nothing special or magical about it. All seducers do this. It’s _ALWAYS_ the same, and quite frankly you get bored of screwing girls after you realize this.

    The Approach

    – Right away establishes his intent = that he is attracted to her. This indicates to her that he is a potential sexual partner. But he’s not too explicit about it. He just says she looks nice.
    – Teases her right away “are you happy bc of the weather, or drugs?”, “HR? oh dear that’s boring!”

    NOTE: teases are the first form of sexual communication. Without them you are toast. So when you are talking to a girl, always try to find a way to tease her slightly. But do this very gently. Nothing offensive. Just a slight playful jabs.

    As far as the approach, all you need to remember is to:
    1. Show Intent
    2. TEASE
    3. Be LIGHT and Playful
    4. Get the number and GTFO.

    The Text

    Texting should NOT be a conversation. It is generally a playful tease for about 5 messages, and then straight to logistics. Do NOT get into a conversation over text. It is simply a way to ask her out.

    The Date

    This is where sexual communication thrives. Listen closely to Tom’s date starting at 11:50. You will find that throughout the date all he does is offer her dick but in a progressive and linear fashion. But 90% of the date is about this. The rest of the time he’s just talking about safe topics to build comfort. Alot of guys in the community like to call this push/pull. Where pull=flirting (provocative subjects), push=comfort (talking about safe topics).

    AS you’re listening to the date, try to pinpoint how he’s trying to lead her to sex. How he starts very implicit and progressively grows it. The idea is to make her hornier and hornier:

    12:50 Brings up that she’s a “bad girl” — talks to about her drinking alcohol with a friend. (alcohol is a connotation for partying)
    13:35 Walks past his apartment at to get her imagination running. Teases her throughout.
    14:09 – calls her “adventurous”.
    14:40 – tries to take the conversation to the gutter again by implying they’ll be with alcohol on a boat.
    15:45 – tries to figure out if she dated a bunch of Irish guys
    17:50 – talks about the pickup, do many guys stop you?
    18:11 – talks about her eyes.
    18:20 – “it’s always the quiet girls that are the craziest” (oldest line in the book)
    18:45 – tells her about how people “release their wild side”
    19:15 – “do you smoke?” — again, trying to take the conversation to the gutter. (smoking/drinking/partying/sex.. they all go hand in hand that’s why he does this)
    19:50 – tells her men wear sunglasses to check out women
    21:12 – compliments her eyes
    21:50 – bounces her to a different place (generally when you bounce a girl it’s an indication that you’re gonna escalate)
    22:15 – roleplays how he’s like a friend and he’d take her to his room to watch a vid.
    23:30 – “i would never try to kiss you” (all she hears is “kiss”)
    23:50 – ************** here he makes A CRUCIAL MISTAKE. she says “You promised you’d show me a video”. She was talking about in his phone, but I would’ve said “Sure, I have tons of videos on my laptop. I’ll show you some right before you leave”. That’s a good way to seed her coming over to your place. *******
    24:00 – he tries to go in for a kiss on cheek.
    24:25 – goes on about the movie “when harry met sally” on how men can’t have women as friends bc they’re too fucking horny. “there’s always that tension as guy.. what do you think?”
    25:00 – talks about men/female dynamics. this is a great convo on a date to see how sexually free the woman is.
    27:20 – goes in for the kiss, but she doesn’t go for it.
    28:22 – more about her eyes
    29:00 – you’ll notice his speech gets alot slower here
    30:00 – “everyone needs some passion”
    30:30 – shows how he’s accepting if girls are promiscuous. this is so lame and transparent, but whatever.
    31:20 – ********** here he does another crucial mistake. He tells her how he’d seduce her. Like he roleplays on how he’d seduce a girl to his house with an “excuse”. I know what he’s trying to do here. He’s just trying to get her think about sex. But he’s letting the cat out of the bag. At this point onwards it’s almost impossible for him to take her to his apartment ******
    34:00 “what tricks do girls use to seduce men?” — more gutter talk
    34:20 – brief kiss
    35:00 – because he shot himself in the foot, now he kisses her goodbye
    .. they have sex shortly after on a 2nd date.
    But that’s cause he sucks, he could’ve totally laid her on that first date she was totally down..


    But my point is, in all of this, is to show you how much SEXUAL TALK is going on in this guy’s date and to compare this to your own dates. He’s constantly trying to escalate with her through eye contact, physical closeness, touch, teasing, getting her to think about sex. He’s never being explicit. But he hints at it throughout the date. Basically he’s offering her dick subtly throughout the entire date. This is crucial though.

    And it’s important that your dates are like this too. If you’re just talking about dry/safe topics the girl will get turned off and nothing will happen.

    What I like to do, is generally I’ll be with the girl, and it’s similar to what Tom’s doing; it’s alot of flirty type of conversation and escalation. But afterwards, I almost always invite her back to my apartment, for a “drink”, or some other excuse. Esp if she’s feeling the vibe. And in his case, they were both definitely vibing great. I’m not sure why he didn’t do so here. He should’ve. But because of his two crucial mistakes maybe he didn’t feel right doing so.

    Anyhow, hope this helped. I think the more ways you’re aware of how to escalate the better it’ll be for you. If your dates are ALL about comfort (ie safe topics), you will get nowhere fast.

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