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    Recently I’ve been trying to start my pickup practice sessions by just talking to as many women as I can in the first half an hour. Not really trying to pick them up, just opening and maybe flirting a little bit before moving on (unless it’s going really well).

    I have found that doing this sets you up for the session really well. You get used to moving very quickly, so you stop hesitating so much. Also you start to ‘assign the correct value to yourself’ (as Lee said once) when you realise how easily you can approach and discard girls.

    My record so far is 9 approaches in half an hour. I reckon I could do twenty if I was really going for it though, so I’m going to work towards that figure.

    I challenge the rest of you to try it!

    Eric Disco

    Agreed 100%. The first 30 minutes is key. I like to talk with a woman as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter what, even if it is asking for directions. The longer I go without talking with someone, the more pressure starts to build, the more I think about what I am going to say, what the outcome will be, etc. This is similar to waiting a long time between when you first see and attractive woman and then go a talk with her.



    Totally true – I love to warm up the whole room as fast as possible, then bounce from person to person until it’s that girl I’m speaking with: really keep’s me also very warm and open – plus takes away any pressure to try and bring anything else then the already present good vibes that are ALREADY flowing.

    20 approaches in 30 min’s – totally easy – you will do it. The thing is can you keep count? I recon you could do more. When I get into the vibe I forget about keeping any type of score – just really present with every one getting so warm it’s magnetic. I remember in Borocy I’m not sure how much time it was but we had a pub crawl of around 70 people by the 2nd pub I realised I had approached at least 40 of those people – with no need for anything from them. By the end we were all having so much fun together it was ridiculous!

    I look forward to seeing your 20 – bet you’ll do it in less. Ninja!


    Get this and elevate your game:


    Nice idea. My biggest sticking point right now (I’m in Step 4) is social momentum. I think your idea will help.


    For keeping count, what I plan to do is keep 20 coins in my left pocket and transfer one to my right each time I make a approach. When there are no more coins left in my left pocket, 20 approaches done.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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