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    Hi all,

    I think it’s pretty interesting how guys first get involved in the pick up community. If you feel like it drop a note below. How did you get started? What prompted you? What were your first steps? Mishaps? Breakthroughs?

    I started when I was 19 but it took me nearly a year and a half before I was first able to approach a girl. I remember reading The Game for the first time thinking “wow, so I am not the only one who can’t interact with the opposite sex” (a friend recommended it as an interesting read and since I, was still a virgin with less than zero experience with women I said why not). But alas I could not get myself to approach a girl. What was a turning point for me was finding this blog. It showed that there was a way for me. That I wasn’t hopeless. I am now able to approach women, get numbers, sometimes make outs, but that’s it. A long way to go, but hey it’s what gets me up at the morning 🙂

    Best of luck,


    Im fairly new to it. Im not entirely sure if i relate to the term “pick up”.
    I think theres somthing far greater beyond getting good at it or getting anything for that matter lol.
    Theres alot of insightful ppl to learn from like eric and lee and the good guys.
    For me i want get away from my mind and do this with being without thinking about it. If that is possible.
    I dont know but im starting small.


    I’ll throw in my 2 cents

    I was at a street event and I met one of my old high school friends. We were talking and he pointed at a smoking hot blond across the street. She was giving him dirty looks and he said

    “Notice that girl? She’s giving me those looks because I used to date her.. Yeah, I ended it”

    I couldn’t believe him because, well, I knew him. He said I am taking online dating classes. That’s when he mentioned pu101 and that’s also where I saw Eric present one of his lectures.

    I couldn’t even sit beside a girl in high school because I was so shy. With a lot of help from people like Eric, I put myself in situations where I have no other choice but to speak to girls and be around them. So I took a job doing door to door and that changed me. Now I get girls asking ME for MY phone number. But It was a struggle man. It’s always a struggle.

    You see, you have to make mistakes, there’s no other way around it. No amount of videos/books can prepare you for that. I personally think this pick up community is nothing more than just a support group. They are here at the end of the night to help you go over your mistakes and hopefully correct them.

    My advice is to have a plan, and go at a pace that is slightly uncomfortable, but not overwhelmingly so. The reason for that is once you DO get comfortable you’ll know you need to push yourself harder to improve further.



    Hi hi guys,

    i appreciate the shared views. Goes to show I am not the only one who does not “naturally” get this. And it is always interesting to read how and why guys start.

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