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    So I’m interested in this one coworker. We joke around with each other a lot and not as so much with other coworkers, caught her looking at me several times, gets my attention here and there. Tells me her drama about ex of hers she is haven and gave her some solid input. She has told me about her going out with her friends and said how I could have come. Now I have been invited to the movies but when I had asked her for a phone number days ago she said 1 number and said ” to not ask her right now she can’t think.” She sounded a bit nervous when I asked.

    But I am going with her and friends but still no number and I have to meet them within a certain time frame at a location.

    What could be the reason she doesn’t just give me the phone number?

    Eric Disco

    That’s not really a good sign. I personally would take that as a huge sign of disinterest and cease making any effort with her, even as a friend. Yeah, maybe she has a jealous ex-boyfriend or there is some other ‘situation,’ but you really don’t want to invest any effort in a woman who is giving you such a huge sign of disinterest.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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