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    Hope you guys don’t mind my deluge of recent posts, but I thought this one was definitely worth sharing.

    I mentioned in another thread I met this dancer/model at a club. Well, I got her to ask me out – but it took some serious gaming. Here’s how it happened.

    I was walking through a crowd and came face to face with this girl. I hit her with a couple of playful openers, and I could see she was attracted. She introduces herself to me but then immediately says ‘I’m hot from dancing, I’m going outside to cool down’. In the past I would have followed her, but instead I go and look for more girls.

    I run into her later and we start talking. I had to play the game really carefully with this one. She gives me a few tests, trying to bait me in conversation, but I play it cool, showing I am unconvinced. She asks me if I want to dance, I say no.

    She suggests we go downstairs to talk somewhere quiet. Five minutes later we are sitting at the table talking, when another dancer comes over and starts talking to her. Now’s my chance to really show who’s boss. After a minute of them ignoring me, I stand up and say “I don’t want to interrupt your girly catch-up time, I’ll see you later”. My girl grabs me and says ‘please stay babe!’. A minute later the other girl disappears, and my girl apologises.

    We talk for a minute and then make out. She says out of the blue that she isn’t going to sleep with me tonight. I shrug it off and say I’m staying with my friends anyway, but I’d like to see her again some time. We agree to swap numbers.

    She tells me that her phone is upstairs, so we go upstairs to get it. But instead of getting her phone, she makes me dance with her for a minute, and then runs off to dance on the podium by herself. Not sure what happened there – maybe she just wanted me to see her do some sexy dancing.

    I go and rejoin my friends and leave without saying goodbye. The next morning I wake up to a ‘nice to meet you’ message and a facebook friend request from her. She must have found me through a mutual friend.

    I wait till 5pm and accept the friend request, but I purposely don’t read her message. 20 minutes later I get another message from her, ‘thanks for adding me’.

    We started talking, and at the end of the conversation she asked me out. Amazing. She kept talking about how loads of guys are after her but she doesn’t like them, she hasn’t dated in ages etc…so it seems I have managed to stand out from the crowd.

    She seems like a really sweet, interesting girl too, not what I expected from her outward appearance. It’s a shame you have to do all this weird stuff in order to get a girl like that to give you a chance. But it makes a nice change to get some strong interest after all the lukewarm interest I had from girls in the last year.

    I am a very happy SomeguyUK.



    Hey Man….Thanks for sharing that…..that was brilliant ….Congratulations !
    & no, you’re not really playing any games here….you’re just presenting a more attractive and less needy version of yourself… feels strange because you haven’t done that well enough in the past….
    Games would be if you told her lies and presented a false impression of yourself….
    I’ve been a bit busy this past week but I intend to write a post on “Muscle Memory “ and how it relates to approach & pickup ….
    Anyway, You did great !

    let us know how it goes


    Awesome example of game! That’s exactly what I call reversing the power dynamic. Girls WILL chase you and they WILL ask you out if you behave like the most desirable men. Walking away when you’re not getting full attention is what the most desirable men routinely do. They have plenty of options and girls know it.



    Great to see you getting results SomeguyUK! Super happy for you!


    Update: went to stay with this girl for the weekend:) Im at her place now, killing some time while she is running an errand. Slam dunk.

    This is a major breakthrough for me. Could not have pulled this one off without the social dynamics stuff I learnt on this board. Thanks so much guys 3)


    BTW, this girl told me she was so happy that I came and talked to her, as most guys in the club just stand staring at her. She says they all put her on a pedestal and are afraid to talk to her. So it seems like just by approaching I managed to stand out – definitely a lesson to be learned there!



    You’re on a roll! Nice job. There’s a lot to your last comment I think–just walking up to a girl and acting like a human being is 99% of the game, I think. Most people don’t do this because they’re afraid to. That’s a problem both with the normal “bar scene” where everyone’s putting on these fake alpha-male airs and acting like dicks (which occasionally works because at least they interact), or they’re hanging against the wall afraid to do anything (which never works because they don’t interact).

    Just walking up to someone and being a mature adult is better than what nearly anyone else on the dating circuit is doing.


    I disagree with MrAntiquity. I attribute your success to the fact that you put this whole thing into its proper perspective. She was just a hot girl in a bar. There are plenty of those. You didn’t know anything about her and you acted accordingly. You were willing to walk away when she wasn’t giving you what you wanted. This is what you should always do. Approach fearlessly. Banter, tease, and challenge fearlessly. Don’t treat them like they’re the most valuable thing in the world. Be willing to walk away.



    I wanted to follow up on this post from 2015.

    That girl turned out to be a total drag, really boring and self-centred, AND awful in bed.

    Yep, it felt good that she asked me out or whatever. But based on that experience, the kind of girl you have to ‘game’ like that is so not worth it.

    Is Hurricane Lee ever on these forums these days?

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