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    Oh and another word of advice, be UNFILTERED.

    I’ll say that again, UNFILTERED. Bend every freaking rule you can think of. If a girl takes 10 hours to message you, message her back in 5 seconds and say “wow, I was waiting all day for your message!” just for laughs.

    When a girl walks by you on the street, make up some bullshit and say it. Like “wow, that scarf.. it reminds me of this girl I knew back in Mexico, where’d you get it?”

    Whatever ANY guy or pickup guy tells you to do, do the opposite. That’s truthfully what has worked the best for me. That way girls don’t know what the hell I’m gonna do next. I fuck with their head.

    Say whatever the hell you want _at all times_ and do whatever the hell you want _at all times_. Do things that amuse you, not things that amuse the girl. She’s irrelevant quite truthfully. If she sees that you’re having fun and you’re comfortable, she buys into it.


    Ryano, do you live in NYC or other metropolis? If so you can aford to make 10 approaches a day. You are lucky. But for me as a preson living is not so big city under 1 milion its hard to find find 10 hot chicks a day. I am also concerned about running out hot girls and getting a reputation. Thats why i am tempted to find some alternative to shotgan mass approaching.


    And this is my last post before I gotta go to bed already…

    I do live in a big city, not NYC though. let’s just say one of the top 20 cities in the us over 1mil people. (for privacy reasons i dont wanna say exact city)

    If I lived in NYC I’d hit on atleast 30 girls a day. it’d be as easy a pumpkin pie. Actually last time I was there that’s what I did (insta-dated this chick and pulled her to my hotel but she didn’t want to go all the way)

    But here’s a few important things:

    1. I don’t come off as I mass approach because I’m liquid. Meaning, I hardly _EVER_ do the same opener more than once. I always improvise. Also, I talk to freaking EVERYBODY. old women, men, grandpa/grandma, starbucks barista, random lady standing next to me, whatever. Hell just today, I was with a colleague of mine in the elevator and chatted up the girl next to us. it didn’t feel like a pickup just friendly chat (of’course if he wasn’t with me i would’ve asked for her number).

    2. Sometimes I do come across a girl that I hit on and she remembers me. I remember last year I hit on the same girl 3 different times and each time I didn’t remember her and each time she got mad at me lol! but quite truthfully, I don’t care. I don’t do online dating or bars/clubs so to me daygame is the only way.

    3. you think you’ll build a reputation but nobody cares about you. quite truthfully, if you lived or died nobody would know the difference. so while you’re alive have some fun.

    4. You can never run out of girls. Even if I lived in a town of 100 girls I’d just cycle thru them again and again. They always change their logistics. One month Sue is fucking some guy, the next month she is alone.

    This reminds me of a girl I hit on that was working in a cafe where I used to work. I hit on her directly and she was pissed and told me she had a bf. dunno why she was pissed, I think she just had a bad day. Fast forward to 6 months later, I hit on her again and asked her if she still has a bf. She didn’t! we went out and I even had sex with her on first date. lol, and the conversation with her was pretty awkward. but she was horny.. so you will never ever run out of girls. hit on them multiple times. as long as you’re nice about it they like it.



    you nailed it btw.. yeah he makes it blatantly obvious he’s hitting on her. this is important. the girl needs to know your intention. some of them won’t be down for it but some of them will. flirting is basically alluding that something might happen between you too, without it the conversation just becomes dry and forgetful..


    All this led to a new opener
    Simple question if she has a boyfriend.
    Like a little boy would ask just by naeivity. No emotions at all, cold question. Then stop it there. Don’t say anything and leave her wondering.
    Sometime this will come back to you in a good way…
    No stress


    All that this “extraordinary experience” means is something unique enough to make her want to see you again. Usually via a poignant personal connection with sexual undertones if you can do this. That in itself is extraordinary. I agree with Ryano that legitimate daytime approaches are rare (there’s this myth in the “community” that hot girls get approached every other second–I mean, maybe with catcalls or “hey, baby” but a legitimate “approach”? Nah.) So you’re not really competing against all that much…just the fact that you can do this is unique in itself, but you want to provide a little bit more than just “Hey” and some banter about politics or the weather.



    Unfortunately, the only way to really show you the difference between a socially comfortable conversation and game is to give you two rather long examples. Apologies to the other readers here. Unavoidably long post ahead. First example. Socially comfortable conversation:

    guy: “I get the feeling you do something creative. Am I right?”

    girl: “I’m in marketing.”

    guy: “Oh, cool. You dig it?”

    girl: “Eh, sometimes. It’s a lot of work but I blah blah blah… ”

    guy: “Awesome. I’m a math professor. 16 years.”

    girl: “Nice. I’m terrible at math.”

    guy: “Well, we can’t all love math. You’re a people person. I’m a numbers person.”

    girl: “That’s true”

    guy: “So what do you love to do when you’re not working?”

    girl: “I read a lot.”

    guy: “That’s great. I’m a big reader, too.”

    Nothing wrong with the above. It’s a comfortable conversation, and I can go on like this for a long time, giving her validation, making her feel good about herself, being friendly but non-sexual. That’s social comfort. Here’s game.

    guy: “What do you do, sister? Do you sing, do you dance, do you read, do you write?”

    girl: “I’m in marketing.”

    guy: “Marketing? (Pause) The way you said it, I’m getting the feeling you’re not thrilled about it.”

    girl: “Oh, no. I like it. I work for a magazine, on the client side, and it’s actually pretty creative.”

    guy: (Nods his head. Not too much validation.) “Your turn. What about me? What do I do?”

    girl: “What do you do?”

    guy: “I teach the sexiest subject in the world, the secret language of the universe.”

    girl: (Confused look)

    guy: “You don’t know the secret language of the universe?” (Pause) “It’s called mathematics. I’m a Math professor at…” (Blah blah blah)

    girl: (Laughs)

    guy: “You good at math?”

    girl: “Terrible. My worst subject.”

    guy: “Check!” (With his hands, pretends to ask for the check. They’re not in a restaurant.)

    guy: “I love math. When I meet a woman who will whisper the word heuristics to me during lovemaking, there’s a 5 carat diamond under my bed…” (Makes the motion of reaching around, getting the diamond, and putting it on an imaginary girl on top of him…) “Done!”

    girl: (laughs) “Well, if that’s important, you’ve got the wrong girl.” (This is the first major indication of interest. She imagines herself to be a candidate for the woman I’m looking for. Of course, I just disqualified her.)

    guy: “So for me the word is heuristics. You don’t even know what that means. What about you? What word would do that for you?”

    girl: “I don’t think there is one. I’m a woman. It’s more complicated than that.”

    guy: “Fair enough. So you said marketing, right? I have a friend who’s in marketing. Internet stuff. Very bright guy but he hasn’t cracked a novel since high school. Is that you?”

    girl: “Oh, no. I read all the time.”

    guy: “Really?” (Skeptical look.) “What have you read?”

    girl: (Blah blah blah. Talks about her recent favorite book.)

    guy: “Sounds great, but have you ever read The Brothers Karamazov?”

    girl: (Most of them.) “No. What’s that?”

    guy: (Surprised) “No? It’s only considered by some to be the greatest novel ever written. Dostoyevsky.” (Smiles) “Well, now we know why you need me, and all we have to do is figure out why I need you.”

    girl: (Laughter) “There may be other reasons you need me.” (Second indication of interest.)

    guy: “There are three pages in that book that every woman should read to understand men.”

    girl: “Really? What do they say?”

    guy: “Well, let’s start with this: do you think you understand men?”

    girl: “Yes, I think I do, more than the average person, anyway.”

    guy: “Ok, good. So if you really do, answer this question for me: why do men cheat?”

    And it goes on and on and on. Inappropriate references to sex. Tons of qualification. Disqualifying her as a potential romantic prospect. It’s an entirely different dynamic than in the first conversation. The man is skeptical, challenging, a little inappropriate, unafraid of pissing her off, etc., etc., etc. When desirable women get this kind of treatment, they behave entirely differently than when they get guys complimenting and chasing them. The beautiful thing is that I am actually talking about things that are meaningful to me: literature, social dynamics, psychology, science, etc., etc. None of this is made up. This isn’t banter. I’m not trying to entertain her. These are real topics from important parts of my life, and she knows it. I have standards. She can feel the pressure.



    Very good post.


    You’re intellectualizing it too much I think. And this is my humble own opinion since we all come from different sides of game.

    But the verbals don’t matter so much, if anything they can get you into alot of trouble since you’re playing a chess game with her. Trying to “1-up” her, challenge her, etc. I don’t see it as a competition when I talk to a girl. Rather I see it from are we gonna be good sexual partners.

    Instead, a girl can be sexualized in a few minutes and ready to screw you if you just use the correct non verbal comm. so correct eye contact, posture, body language, and touch. And it’s nothing too complicated. just the nonverbals need to communicate that you’re a sexual guy that embraces his horniness as opposed to trying to hide it. this can be conveyed in eye contact alone. as I mentioned in a previous post girls are very sexual and can pick up on this. So what I’m trying to do is polarize those very sexual girls from the girls that want to have a conversation and waste my time. you’d be surprised at how many horny girls there are out there roaming the world that are just looking for sex asap.

    If you’re looking for a girlfriend or a girl that you care about her wit and she cares about your wit etc, by all means focus on verbal and mind games. Bc her personality def is more important at that point.

    But if you just want to bang a bad bitch throw those out the window they’ll hurt you more than they help you that’s for sure.

    Here’s my conversation:

    ME: hi *slight grin*
    HER: umm hi
    ME: I was just getting some cheerios and saw you. You look amazing. *strong eye contact looking at her like I want to nail her*
    HER: thank you
    ME: tell me you’re single
    HER: I am.
    ME: excellent. I want to take you out sometime. can we make it happen?
    HER: sure.
    *hand her my phone, and she punches in her digits*

    remember what I said about things being like “tinder” but in the real world?.. well that’s the way I see getting numbers. Sometimes if I’m in the mood I’ll have more of a conversation, but as I said as far as the girl’s concerned it doesn’t matter. Also if I’m in the mood I’ll insta-date her. I’ve noticed that girls are more adventurous when they do insta-dates. So the pull rate is actually much higher if they’re dtf.

    Now during the date (either thru number or insta-date) we’re having a normal conversation. We’re at a first venue. Usually a walk, or a bench by my apartment, or an outdoor patio or a lounge. I make sure we can sit close to each other, side by side. I do two things simultaneously. I try and take the conversation to be more flirty/provocative and I also try to touch her slightly. But I do this very gently feeling out her receptiveness the whole time. If she’s asexual and acting very “professional” and doesn’t like to play, I usually end the date quite quick. but if she’s down: she likes talking about provocative subjects. she doesn’t mind when I get close to her or touch her. I usually just keep escalating until she’s horny enough so that when I invite her back to my apt “for a drink” she’s down. and from then on it’s smooth sailing. As I said, I only do first dates with girls. and I communicate that in my behavior.

    I’ve done this so many times I could care less if people say it works or not.

    But I do admit, yes I suck as relationships. That’s my weak point. But I’m working on that cause I do want to find a serious girlfriend eventually.



    Thanks for the insightful post, it certainly clarifies a lot of the things I’ve seen you talk about in here. Would love to try some of these tactics out.


    “guy: “Fair enough. So you said marketing, right? I have a friend who’s in marketing. Internet stuff. Very bright guy but he hasn’t cracked a novel since high school. Is that you?”

    You’ve mentioned before that all your stories are true. Would you have used a different story/question if she hadn’t said marketing? I’m guessing you don’t have a statement like that for EVERY occupation. Let’s say she’s a hairdresser, how would you introduce that same line of qualification?

    Also I have another question. Eric has said before that qualifiers don’t really work until you have some attraction. Would you normally have established some attraction before you say “I get the feeling you do something creative”?


    “Would you have used a different story/question if she hadn’t said marketing? I’m guessing you don’t have a statement like that for EVERY occupation. Let’s say she’s a hairdresser, how would you introduce that same line of qualification?”

    SMH. You guys truly don’t have any idea what you’re doing, do you?


    Qualification is an old school pickup term that is horribly damaging. I used to fall for this myself.

    The problem with qualification is that you try to “challenge” a girl so that you come across like you have standards.

    But it’s bogus. And the girl feels it. That you’re tooling her.

    If you really have standards that’s great. We all do. But the way you do that is just by having a regular conversation to figure out what she does in life, and who she is as a person. But you don’t have to put her “down” if she doesn’t have a quality you don’t like or challenge her on it to “appear” like you have standards. If she doesn’t meet your standards you simply move on. Have you ever had a girl running qualification techniques on you? of’course not. And quite frankly if a girl did that to me I’d be repelled by her because it shows insecurity and is downright rude.

    The whole notion of “qualification” is a try hard technique to make a girl interested in you, so she’ll see you’re actually “judging” her and you don’t fall for anyone.

    But here’s the thing. DON’T EVER try to make a girl interested in you. Don’t try to impress a girl. Your own personal value: ie what you do in life, what you look like, your style, who you are as a person, will speak for itself without your help. You don’t need more than that to get a girl.

    For more info see here:


    however: if you do it in a teasing way like “You prefer pears over apples?? oh wow, this is not gonna work out at all.” then I guess that’s ok. Because it’s a bit of a push away and it’s done in a playful way.

    But if you give a girl a qualification with a straight face like. “So you don’t read any books?” with a quizzical look like she’s a moron, then she’ll hate you.

    So I guess qualification under the umbrella term of flirting or teasing is ok. But don’t overdo it or else it’ll seem forced, like you read it in a pickup manual or something.



    All of the stories are indeed true, as are my qualifications about her interests. She knows they’re true, which is what gives them power. This isn’t endless banter or teasing, the dancing monkey syndrome. Is all of the connective tissue true? Eric and I really do have a friend in Internet marketing who doesn’t read novels. I wouldn’t consider it the biggest sin if you made up that little part of the story. The important part here is what you’re interested in, not what your friend is interested in. However, if it’s important for you to keep that part as legit as the rest, you can say it like this: “So you said marketing, right? Don’t tell me you’ve read a hundred business books but haven’t cracked a novel since high school.” Say it with a little smirk. Works just as well. The qualifier doesn’t even have to be related to her work. You can say self help books instead of business books. You’re allowed to switch subjects. If you have a phone in your hands, you can just point to it and say “I’m reading the most amazing book right now. Please don’t tell me… (qualifier)” The important thing about the qualifier is that she knows your requirements and gets a chance to tell you about what she can offer. If all of your qualifiers are another form of banter – like “cherries versus strawberries” – you might get some ideas about what to order for dessert, but it’s going to be one hell of a boring dinner. You can put the hottest woman in the world in front of me, and if she’s not going to make the three hours I have to spend with her interesting, I’m not going to want to waste an evening on her. I have plenty of beautiful women in my life. I don’t need another. And every woman who talks to me knows that.



    Awesome, thanks man.

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