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    This is a true story. Nothing came of it but it’s a good illustration of something I’ve been telling people all along. Explanation in a minute.

    Here is how it happened. Eric and I were walking in Madison Square Park. I see a hottie sitting on the bench. I actually see her just as we’re walking by her. She’s way too young for me – in her early to mid twenties – but not too young to flirt with. Unfortunately, she sees me looking at her as we walk by. That’s never good. In fact, it’s a little creepy. At that moment, most pros would have gone direct, which is the right way to do it when you’re caught red handed.

    However, on that particular day, Eric and I are working “The Tow-In” aka “The Bunker Buster”. This is where he sits down next to her and ignores her. She observes him for a bit, realizes he’s harmless, then goes on with whatever she was doing. I come over, stand in front of him and say “You ready, dude?” He says “Hey, I gotta answer this email. Give me a minute.” With that, he stands, pats his seat and says “Here, sit down for a minute.” I look a little annoyed and say “Hurry up.” And with that I sit down. She looks at me, and I pop her right there.

    What’s the point of this whole trick? It makes it look like you don’t actually want to be there. So it turns “hey I’m sitting here cause I really want to talk to you” into a “hey I really don’t want to be here but as long as I’m killing some time I’ll chat you up”. Completely different vibe.

    So I do this, and as I’m sitting down, I pop her with “Deep Thoughts”. Eventually, her friend comes and interrupts us. I do a hasty close and they leave. This is the email that I get from her:

    “(Subject line) Resting Bitch Face (RBF)

    (Body) Normally I wouldn’t ask, but I can’t help myself– did you and your friend pre-meditate that lil’ switch-a-roo you pulled?

    If so..well done.”

    This illustrates a very important point. Guys are embarrassed by the things they do to meet girls. GIRLS LOVE IT! Yes, that’s right, they love your game, even your flawed game. They love the idea that you jumped through a bunch of hoops to meet them. They love the idea that you did something extraordinary, clever, and yes, even sometimes embarrassing. Why do a million romantic comedies end with a man proposing to a woman in front of a crowd of 5,000 people? Because they fucking love to see you do crazy shit for their love, or even just to meet them.

    Own your game! Don’t be ashamed of it.



    This is an issue I often have. Trying to hide your game when instead I should be owning what little I do.


    @ Lee

    Thanks …..Was having an awkward day today, just doing warm ups, after taking the whole October off from any gaming/ approach …I could feel the AA and some rustiness creeping in…

    I needed to remind myself that girls love game…


    I went for a drink with a girl I work with last night, we ended up talking about using Tinder vs meeting people in real life, and I told her that I like to approach girls in the daytime.

    This girl ended up grilling me on the subject – she was fascinated. She had read ‘The Game’ and thought it was really good; at a couple of points she said ‘I think the Game would work on me’.

    You sometimes forget that girls appreciate this stuff. I think one of my big limiting beliefs is that I think ‘if the girl figures out what I’m up to, she’ll be instantly turned off’.But that’s obviously not always the case.

    Actually, there are a few girls who think it’s lame to do anything other than be very bold and direct – those are the girls that can be a bit mean, in my experience. So it’s nice to know that there are girls that appreciate the subtle approach too.


    That’s right. Girls love game. But men don’t. men fucking hate games. I know I do. Girls invented games to see which men fall into the trap of playing with them. And those who play with them are not men, they are women. And at that point women are simply not interested in them. And those that play the games get into a whole tit for tat that can last for weeks and nobody gets laid.

    Here’s a few adjectives that describe the polarity that exists between the sexes especially in the courtship phase. I’m not saying that women don’t have the capability to change. But I’m saying that during the courtship phase this is how they primarily act:

    Women: fearful, passive, fickle, game playing, pessimistic, weak, indecisive, moody, emotional.
    Men: honest, decisive, active, optimistic, leadership, strong, reliable, loyal, don’t play games, logical.

    This polarity of the two sexes is very important to portray. Know your role as a man and act that way to it’s fullest extent. The moment you start acting the way women act you’re simply not attractive to them.

    Women often say they want a leader. A “rock”. Someone who’s reliable and actually acts the way a man should be. So in order to attract women you MUST play that role.

    I’ll give you an example of how this works. Let’s say you’re with a woman and for some reason you start acting depressed. The moment you do a woman associates you as a woman because being “moody” is one THEIR qualities so they lose attraction to you. Instead, you must remain optimistic and/or the qualities of strength that a man should inherently display to attract women.

    Game playing is another one. Women don’t want men to act like women. Women love playing games but they seek someone reliable that doesn’t fall for that shit. As an example, I usually respond to texts right away. I don’t play that bullshit that women do and my results have been great. I lead them to “truth” and they are attracted to honesty and reliability. Qualities that I almost never see from them. qualities that they so desperately seek because it’s the polar opposite of them. And opposites attract.

    Eventually after the courtship phase the two sexes mold and we both start acting in a way that is a little bit like eachother. But in the courtship phase as I said, know your role as a man as act in that role. Stop with the stupid game playing, it’s all a bunch of bullshit that will NOT get you laid. Be decisive, be sexual, escalate, be completely CLEAR with your intent. Don’t beat around the bush.

    p.s you know that word “creepy”? it’s a way that women describe men who act like women. Men that don’t show their intent but beat around the bush, or hover around what they really want. The moment you’re honest and truthful you become a man.


    Yes the explanation about “creepy” seems to be spot on, I think. If you believe in yourself and what you do you will not be creepy. You might piss people off, but hey 🙂


    As that actual email I included demonstrates, girls love any kind. You get no special points for being honest or direct. In fact, some of the most elaborate game, when discovered, leads to some of the most surprisingly positive reactions.



    It’s very reassuring to be reading this. Thank you.



    Girls love game indeed but in my opinion then they just fill their ego and give you less possibilities to seduce them…

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