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    After nearly two years of working on my approaches, I can finally say that things are paying off!

    I am getting numbers a lot now, I went out a couple of days ago and got three numbers without too much trouble. Some of my sets are really fun now too.

    My numbers are still 50% flakes, perhaps because I have been mostly working on attraction and I probably have dancing monkey syndrome during some sets.Once I’ve finished with attraction I will work on making better emotional connections so I get less flakes.

    I’m now starting to work on my text game as I lose a lot of leads by being boring in texts too.

    This is a bit of a self-indulgent post but who knows, maybe it will inspire some other learners on the board.

    Keep on approaching guys, it pays off πŸ™‚


    50% flakes means half aren’t flakes πŸ™‚ Take the half-full glass–nice job!

    In the end what matters is getting these people out somewhere–the flakes are water under the bridge and wont ever matter again….


    Hey …. thats great man !

    what do you do more, Direct or indirect approaches ?



    Direct. It’s just easier, and I think I look good enough to pull it off.

    However, I think once I have improved all the stages of my direct approach, I will go back and work on indirect/flirty openers. I am much better at flirting now and I feel I could transition from indirect approaches more easily. Doing direct style and being very bold has given me tons of confidence.

    @MrA – I might come to Barcelona again this summer. If you’re still there, let’s hit the streets!



    I’ll be around here most of the summer, so definitely up for it. I”ll be doing some traveling, but let me know if you’re in town….

    (the Catalan women are particularly guapa these days in the summer heat πŸ™‚


    Good stuff SomeguyUK. It is inspiring to try and follow in your footsteps. Good to hear all the work is paying off.

    I am currently working on making my conversations more interesting as they tend to get stale in more than half of my sets.

    Keep going strong.



    Just flirt like a motherfucker. I get sexual within the first minute of conversation with them now. You lose a few but it’s never boring.

    Eric Disco

    >My numbers are still 50% flakes

    Dude. This is like trying to figure out why you’re only batting .500. A 50% flake rate is excellent, almost too low. Me and pretty much every guy I know would love to have a 50% flake ratio. Not that you shouldn’t strive for perfection, but you are doing great.

    You never know why a woman flakes. There is so much noise in this game. Maybe she has a boyfriend and didn’t tell you. Maybe she got home and found out all the fish in her aquarium died. Maybe she’s a lesbian but liked talking with you.

    My point is that trying to figure out why the remaining 50% are flaking may be a futile process. If you’re getting 90%, then you need to look more closely at why you’re getting flakes. But 50% is pretty damn good. You might want to work on meeting hotter women, being more flirty/sexual or other aspects of your game.



    To be fair, I don’t know if it’s exactly 50% – that’s an estimate. And I only ask girls for their number when I really feel that we are both attracted.

    Thanks for the support though πŸ™‚ I am trying to go for the hottest girls now – even if it means chasing down a 10 when she walks past me. Weirdly, I’m finding those girls are often more receptive than ‘normal’ girls.


    I think there’s a myth that attractive girls are more difficult to date that comes from this imagined social hierarchy that we get from beer ads, school, celebrity culture etc. When I walk around I see countless doofy looking guys with hot girls, and vice versa. And the PUA world really reinforces that myth, which I think is a bad thing. Basically if you go for who you want you’ll do well.

    @SG–my guess is that the reason you’re doing well is that you’re actually going for girls who interest you (in part because they’re cute, or whatever reason), and they can sense that you’re not fake.


    Well, I think some of the really hot girls don’t get approached as much, because guys are intimidated by them. So they are really impressed when you do it – especially if you are doing something really bold. Could be wrong, but it’s a theory.

    I am still not that fussy with women, I just like cute girls who are fun to talk to. I’ve tried to use some of Lee’s ideas for qualifying/challenging. However, I’ve realised that I don’t really care if a girl has the same passions as me or not, i.e she likes travel or whatever. The important things for me, outside her looks, are her values and personality traits. These things are a lot harder to screen for with a qualifying question.



    I’ll be in Barcelona 15th-29th July. Will be in touch πŸ™‚


    Hola @SG–

    I’ll be here–I’ll be away after Jul. 25 but here before then. Give a holler–will be cool to meet up!

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