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    Hi Eric,

    I’ve been rereading your book and find it amazing. The fact that it’s so gradual makes it very achievable.

    I’ve been going out and successfully completing the missions during the day. One issue is that I’m currently living in a small town so I have to do a long commute to get this done. It’s a circumstance that I have to solve.

    This also affects my night game. Long commute to go out essentially one night a week. Feels impossible to solve night game like that.

    But I also want to ask – do you need to do both day and night game? I’m more introverted and laid back so day game would suit me better but some companies say you should do both otherwise you don’t stretch yourself or your delivery/ability to handle social situations if you only focus on day game.

    Currently at home on a Saturday night and feeling bad that I’m not out. Curious what you think. Thanks

    Eric Disco

    No, you don’t need to do both night game and day game. I don’t do night game too often anymore. I don’t like to stay out late. I hate to have to yell over the loud music.

    There are some cool things about night game. You can be more sexual and banter more. There tends to be more hot women congregated in one place at bars, so if you are in a less urban area, it may be worthwhile to focus on bars.

    But if you just focus on day game, you’ll be fine. You can still practice all your skills, like getting sexual, etc. during the day. You’ll just need to calibrate a little differently.

    One nice medium to consider is happy hour game. You can go out to bars after work, like 6pm. That can be fun because it’s a little more subdued and you don’t have to stay out as late.




    Just for a comparison……
    I live in a very fast paced modern financial center.
    Night game here, particularly over the past 2 years, is good pretty much only for one-night stands, if you can pull those off.

    The numbers I get from Night game these days are fairly useless. Getting a number means texting her, then inviting her for a date.
    In a big city with a lot of different things going on and multiple invitations, girls I meet at night very quickly become distracted, lost, or are otherwise busy with work and exercise schedules….after a few weeks of “sorry , I cant make it”, things fade out…..she meets other guys, I meet other girls, we are all travelling here and there…..any horniness she had at the bar when we first met has faded into reality with work and schedules and deadlines and arguments with clients and co-workers etc.
    Mind you, this is my recent experience with the girls who insisted I take their numbers. In other words, at that point in the bar itself, they were very into me…..

    I’ve pretty much stopped asking for their numbers unless I am really into them and there is a genuinely good reason for her not to be able to come home with me that night itself.

    The best results, in terms of connection at least, still seem to be from the daytime, since it really doesn’t happen much to girls anymore. It’s a novelty to be approached properly during the day.

    In the course of my night game, I will sometimes meet women who will tell me “hey, I know you , you came up to me at the (supermarket, café, street ) …..I don’t remember them, as they were part of dozens of girls I must have approached over the past 12 months. But they still remember and are thrilled by it. In the bar, these girls will often end up escalating me instead…..

    good luck !


    Thanks guys.

    Have you guys noticed a difference in game in any way since Tinder etc has blown up? Seems like most people meet that way now and want to check out your online presence, kind of like a resume. I may be wrong on that tho. Curious if you’ve noticed a change in day game cold approach before and after dating apps/Instagram.

    Also, something I’ve noticed – I’m currently in a foreign country. I can speak a bit of the language. Enough to open and then transition to English. But I guess the fact that I’d be standing out as a foreigner gives me added approach anxiety. It’s easier for me in an English speaking country. But I guess same steps apply? Just gradually desensitise?



    Damn, I can’t really approach here. They’re a bit more closed off than people in the English speaking world. I’m also highly sensitive to rejection or any kind of cold reaction, however slight that may be.


    Why It’s Hard to Meet Quality Women Online

    or look up the article in the articles section…

    I dont do any online dating or dating apps….

    not being on any app actually adds to the mystique of a guy….
    instead of being defensive, simply say you don’t believe in them, that they cheapen and devalue human interaction….this will put the girl on the defensive instead…..

    have fun !

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