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    Hi Eric,

    Sorry for yet another question.

    I gotta say that I find your content the most clear and thorough that I’ve come across. It’s the same analytical way of thinking that I have and you cover every little detail. I find most other game material way too vague.

    I wanted to run something by you –

    I recently took a bootcamp and have been following their method for a while. It’s essentially the new Mystery Method where the initial phase consists of – Open, Stimulate (some fun/exciting story, observation, comment etc), Captivate (another story used to captivate the group of people you’re talking with), Attract (this consists of basically qualifying/challenging her).

    Then they switch to the comfort phase. They rely heavily on canned material and routines initially to make sure the student understand how he should communicate with women.

    I can see that this method would work well in night time environments.

    Since I’m not really into night game and also have anxiety in those environments, I prefer the idea of day game.

    So I asked them what their approach to day game is. They said it’s essentially the exact same except without the Captivating phase since day game will most likely be a one on one conversation.

    They seem to often rely on opinion openers during the day, then they would stimulate, then qualify/challenge her. All with canned material/routines.

    So I’m just wondering what you think of that structure for day game. To me it feels unnecessarily over the top. Their main concern is coming across as one of the 1000s of normal boring guys she has been approached by in her life. So they want to come across as different, exciting, unique etc.

    So for example, they would use those old standard opinion openers, and then follow up with the C vs U smile routine as the stimulator, then qualify. When I told them that it feels really unnatural to me and that I didn’t like the canned routines, they said I have to push myself to face the discomfort and get used to it.

    So yeah, just trying to figure out if doing that is actually weird and if I should use a different more ‘natural’ method or if I should try to push myself to do this.

    The method you lay out in your book looks great to me.

    Just curious what you think. Thanks

    Eric Disco

    The problem with high-octane routines is that they are entertaining but non-personal. During nightgame when there are a lot more distractions and women are in a more social mood, they’ll get sucked into routines because there is so much stimulation in the surrounding environment. Daygame allows for something more conversational.

    My recommendation is to have more substantive conversation but push “high octane” elements within a substantive conversation framework. So instead of a whole routine to qualify her, qualify her within a real conversation. Let’s say you talk about a trip to Berlin. You ask if she’s ever been. She says No. You say, “What? You’ve never been to Berlin? The art capital of the world!” It’s a subtle neg that she’s weird for not having ever been there. But the whole conversation isn’t a routine. You’re still communicating substance.

    That being said, I do highly recommend a certain amount of scripted or canned conversation, particularly at the beginning of the conversation. I typically inject some type of conversation that I’m familiar with and pull her into my deep waters. I may say, “I was just out looking for a book on philosophy. Ever get into philosophy?” And from there, I talk about an interesting philosophical question that I bring up in all my conversations. You can do this with almost any topic. But the idea is that this is something *you* are the expert in. It’s not just random conversation. You are dragging her into your deep waters. It’s girl-relevant talk that shows off an intelligent side to you. It takes some experimentation to figure out what pieces of conversation are attractive to women, but when you do have those in place, it makes every conversation an interesting conversation for the women you open, regardless of what they bring to the table.



    Thanks so much Eric!

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