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    Hi Eric,

    I have realized that there aren’t actually THAT many different scenarios where I come across attractive women during the day – grocery store, line-up, bench, train station, shopping etc.

    So basically I feel like it should be easy to be prepared for all situations or at least have a good general idea of what to do/what material to use.

    But I often find myself missing opportunities because I don’t know what to say. I think I actually have too much theory which overwhelms me.

    I think the Opener is actually fairly easy to come up with. Could be anything really.

    But what comes after is where I get confused.

    So, after the Opener should be the Transition. What I have heard from Mystery Method and other systems is that you don’t want to milk the Opener. You want to Transition off the Opener so that you go from talking about the Opener with her to actually having a real conversation together. What do you think about that?

    So that would mean that you would have to change subjects? Or I guess it could be an off-shoot of the Opener? For example, if your opener is about an item at the grocery store. Then the Transition could be, “You know, I just learned how to make this new recipe. It’s amazing! Have you tried it?” But, that is milking the opener in a way because it’s sorta the same topic? Or is that ok? Kinda seems congruent to be talking about the same general topic as the Opener. For example in a book store you could Transition from the Opener about a specific book to a different author or genre or bookstore etc. But I guess I’m scared of “milking the opener” since I have heard that’s bad. But alternatively, you would have to change the subject completely?

    I was also thinking that maybe fun facts would be good Transitions? For example, after the Opener, I could say, “You know what I just read/heard recently?” and then say whatever it is. What do you think?

    I know some guys like to use an observation or cold read about her as the Transition but that is very personal very soon and from what I remember in your book, I think you say that it could make her uncomfortable.

    So yeah, my confusion now is the Transition and follow up material after the Opener.

    Sorry for the long post. Thank you for the help!

    Eric Disco

    Agreed that there are actually a very limited number of scenarios you will find yourself in.

    I recommend changing the topic when you transition into personal conversation. This is because you need to take the lead in the conversation and show her where it is going. If you don’t, she may not take the risk herself and reveal personal things about herself.

    For example, if you are talking about a food item in the supermarket and you say, “I tried to cook this the other day. It turned out horrible!” She may start to ask you about it, but she may also be afraid to ask personal questions (ironically just as you commented your hesitation to get too personal to soon). She’s scared too. She doesn’t want to put herself out there. She doesn’t want to look like an idiot. So she may direct the conversation back to the opener. She may say, “Well if you try this other brand over here, it should be easier to cook.” Now you are back to square one. You’re back to the opener.

    Instead, if you change the topic of conversation clearly and confidently, she knows you’re taking the risk. She’s not going to feel stupid about sharing something personal or asking a personal question.

    That being said, there’s nothing wrong with extending the opening conversation and waiting to transition. Go ahead and talk about cooking for five minutes if you both are into it. If things transition naturally, that’s fine. Maybe after a few minutes, she’ll ask you a personal question or volunteer personal information about herself. That’s great. The better you are at opening and having small talk conversation, the more likely this is to happen.

    However, that doesn’t always happen. Sometimes the situation simply doesn’t present itself, like if she’s not very talkative but still interested. Sometimes there are logistical limitation, like if you’re both walking. Sometimes a woman will be attracted to you but not have the guts to ask you a personal question. Sometimes you just have to make the move and push the conversation along if it doesn’t get there naturally. In those situations, I recommend decisively changing the topic of the conversation, for the reasons I mentioned above.

    Transitioning is an absolutely essential skill to have. It’s also the toughest thing for most guys to do aside from opening in the first place. A lot of guys get really good at opening but then don’t master transitioning.

    > I was also thinking that maybe fun facts would be good Transitions? For example, after the Opener, I could say, “You know what I just read/heard recently?” and then say whatever it is. What do you think?

    That’s great. Having a story or a fun fact ready is great for building conversation. It’s so good to have something like that in your pocket. However, it’s not really a transition. You could inject some personal questions into it. You could say, “I read this study that women prefer blah blah blah. How do you feel about that?” It may get you a little bit more personal. But at some point, you will still need to find out some core facts about her, what makes her tick, what she’s passionate about, etc.



    Thanks a lot, Eric!

    Interesting points.

    I was learning from a Mystery Method instructor and the way he would explain Transitions was something that is stimulating, like an observation, opinion opener, teasing compliment or a short fun PUA routine like girls fighting outside or 5 questions game etc.

    Some of those seem strange to me during the day though.

    But the way you explain Transitions is that it is something which shifts the conversation from the Opener to something personal about her, if I’m not mistaken.

    Interesting difference.

    I noticed an attractive girl sitting alone on a bench by the beach today and I drew a blank. Didn’t know what to say. I can think of some openers now but not many. But I had no idea what kind of follow up material I would have used after the Opener in that situation. What kind of transition etc. Would you have any suggestions? Thanks!

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