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    I still have issues doing this kind of set up… ( I guess the issues are mostly or totally in my head but….)

    Attractive girl, alone , sitting on a communal table that are all the fashion in cafes everywhere….she has other people ( other customers , not friends ) sitting across and near her, though not necessarily sitting right next to her. She is usually doodling on her Ipad or her smartphone.

    How to open in this case…?
    Walk up , stand across or next to her and do a direct ? with everyone in earshot , sometimes this still feels weird…

    Walk up, stand across and do an indirect or situational ?

    I encounter this frequently when I’m doing warm ups and practice approaches at lunch hour in popular casual lunch spots…

    All ideas / thoughts welcome….

    ( A variation of this situation is when there is an attractive girl sitting by herself in a hard to reach corner of the café, so I would have to walk up to her spot just to open her….)


    I find the “Deep Thoughts” opener Lee has recommended works quite well. A little uncomfortable at first, but it gets really good responses.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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