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    Lately, I’ve been using this text after first dates. I know I’ve said a million times that you shouldn’t ask a girl out until she gives you some buy in, but this is after the first date and you’re technically not asking her out (although you’re implying that you will). Here’s the setup. You went on a good first date. Shortly after she contacts you – to thank you or express interest – or, if she doesn’t, a few days after the date, you can send her this text:

    Text 1: “second dates are so much more stressful and nerve wracking than first dates”

    (Wait a full minute)

    Text 2: “at least that’s what girls tell me”

    Funny and cocky, it also assumes the date, which is also high value. The most negative response I’ve gotten:

    Her: “who says we’re going on a second date? ;-)”

    Me: “are you asking me out? i was just making an observation ;-)”

    Her: “hahaha”

    That one worked out well.



    couple questions:

    1. Would you send that whether or not you sensed a lot of interest from the girl?

    2. Would you send something like that after just a short “date”–like a quick drink?


    There is no way to reignite interest by text, so if there’s a lack of interest, I wouldn’t send any text at all. Good text game is about preserving the magic you created on that approach or on that date. You can’t make new magic. You can blow it, but you can’t repair it. That’s just the nature of the medium.

    Regarding your second question, sounds like you might be asking a different question. Are you asking what do you do if she’s not aware that the drink you shared was a date? That’s bad news. If that’s where it stands, you failed you primary objective as a budding Casanova. You failed to express sexual interest.

    All of game is about expressing sexual interest while withholding emotional and intellectual interest (until she earns it). If you don’t express that sexual interest, she will see you as a coward, and if you give her too much emotional and intellectual interest, she will see you as needy.

    So if you’re walking away from that date, and she doesn’t know it was a date – that you are, at least, sexually interested – you’re going to lose.



    @ Lee

    Thanks, I shall try this one as well….I get the general spirit behind the text exchange…I’ll report back when I actually get to use it !



    You’re right–good point. That’s always been my problem on these things.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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