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    Eric Disco

    I just had a first date with a pretty hot girl. It went alright qualified her some, we were both touching each other throughout. But I realized at the end that I just didnt do enough to turn up the heat and take it more sexual. I think she threw me off a little bit.

    We did kiss at the end but it was a really quick peck. It might be too late, but I feel like I need to change the dynamic slightly and fuck with her a little bit.

    I feel like this girl never has guys not contact her after a date. So I was thinking of not texting for a week or even two weeks and then mention how busy Ive been and try to meet up again.

    Again, there was a connection and she showed some interest, but it seemed too friendly at the end. Is there anything else I can do?


    Hey Eric, I happened to be scrolling through some old convo topics and stumbled on this one. I know it was years ago, but do you remember how your wait a week or two strategy before contacting after the date went with this chick. I literally went on a 1st date 2 night ago with a very hot girl and had an extremely similar type date to the one you described here. Did some good things, but could have done better. It ended with a quick peck before we parted ways. It was just an OK date. I still haven’t contacted her nor has she contacted me. Like you said about your girl, I assume guys are usually falling over themselves for this girl, so I wanna be a little different. I plan on waiting a few more days before I contact her.

    But really I was just wondering how waiting a week or more worked for you in this situation.

    Eric Disco

    For some reason this doesn’t look like my account. Not that similar things haven’t happened to me in the past. Maybe the posts of a deleted account got re-assigned to me.

    In general, it can always go either way. You can lose her by being too eager or by waiting too long. Typically though, you are better off waiting a little longer, particularly if she seemed lukewarm. Waiting a week or so to contact her is fine. If she’s into you, you probably wont’ lose her over that and if she’s not into you, it could make you seem like you have options, which raises your attractiveness.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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