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    Hey guys,

    It’s been fun. But my time here and what I wanted to convey is done. A month or so ago when I came here I just wanted to give a few tips to what I’ve learned. And then I started getting into arguments and logging in more frequently which is a waste of time quite truthfully (been there done that, esp when I was starting out). I remember it killed away my time from actually meeting and having fun with girls. I have an addictive type of personality so I need to consciously put a stop to things that don’t really help me. I’m way past the point of learning anything new. I found what works for me and what has produced results.

    But I hope I’ve atleast imparted some tips to guys starting out. I’m not gonna reply to this thread anymore. I’m not interested in being a coach or anything like that. I just wanted to post a few things that helped me specifically will all this stuff. please read my How To threads.

    I wanted to say thanks to the GREAT Eric Disco and his blogs, a few years back that’s what got me started in all of this. I remember being sad and depressed and typing in “approach anxiety” into google and finding his website and was so enlightened by his posts, how he’d try to talk to one girl a day. And his personal struggles were similar to mine.

    and I want to say thanks to Hurricane and to all the other guys. I think there’s a bit of truth to what everyone has to say really. I tend to get dogmatic in my views but it doesn’t mean that other guys don’t have their own good ideas and tips. I wish you all great success.

    And my last bits of wisdom:
    1. be sexual with girls and know how to flirt. That’s really the crux of the matter. (girls just want sex, remember?:))
    2. be spontaneous, do what you want at all times. get into conversations with people ALWAYS. indirect or direct openers. it doesn’t matter. they all work.
    3. _always_ polarize. always present to girls your INTENT after you talk to them for a bit. not everyone in this world will go with what you want. but you MUST atleast present the option so they can either: 1. reject it. or 2. go along with it. and a certain percent will go with it.
    4. always escalate. escalation=polarization. they go hand in hand.
    5. take action. talk to girls. don’t sit and do nothing and wonder why things aren’t working. ask em out. girls are passive so they definitely won’t do that for you.

    Peace brothers,


    Dude! Don’t go! We’re going to miss you. You reminded all of us to be more aggressive and more sexual. You made me try some new things, even just today.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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