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    Hey dudes! I’m currently going through the training course as prescribed in the book (current loving it by the way!!), and I’m doing the week of standing next to girls to kill that anxiety. I’m wondering if there is a target number I should shoot for each day. I don’t live in a big city at the moment and hot girls are not super abundant, though they are present. I have been standing next to about 4-5 per day. Is that enough? Is that not a variable that matters? Interested in your thoughts.

    And thanks Eric for the great book! Will leave an awesome review once I finish it.


    Hey Nosa,

    The number doesn’t really matter. What matters is your commitment to this great program.

    Standing next to 4-5 women per day may not sound like a huge accomplishment to most people, but it really is. You should be proud of yourself for going out. You have surpassed a huge percentage of men in this world who can not get passed this simple step. So do yourself a favor, reward yourself, smile and be content with your accomplishments, no matter how small they may seem; stick with this program and it will not disappoint, trust me.



    Personally, I think 5 is a good number to aim for. In my city I go to clothing, department stores and train stations to find the hot girls.

    I was never afraid to go and stand next to a girl who I wasn’t planning on talking to. But practicing this step REALLY helps out further down the line when you want to talk to a girl but you are experiencing a lot of AA. You just remember your training and break it down to small steps.


    Your doing great! Big up for that.
    To be honest take it further, don’t count numbers just do it at every opportunity. That way it’s going to be so natural to you – that you won’t even give it a second thought again. I went totally nut’s with it when I first started blowing one anxiety. Literally deliberately making an ass out of myself in front of totally stunning females. You know what – didn’t hurt a bit; just felt like it would.

    Take every opportunity – it’s not about the numbers it’s about getting the experience of getting comfortable with that emotion – to the point you don’t even care about it any more.

    Also standing under cold shower’s is a great one – as long as you can!

    Sounds to me tho that you are on the right track – your going to before long have no worries about approaching! Yep I believe in you bro 100%.


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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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