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Correct. They are not allowed to tell you that you cannot have personal conversations with girls while allowing others to do so. I don’t know how far you want to take this. Personally, I’d just move to another cafe. If you approach frequently, and always in the same place, this will happen to you once every couple of years. I’d just accept that and move on. But then again, I live in New York City, where the options are limitless. If you live in a town where that cafe is your only option, or you just have some time on your hands and want to fight this on grounds of principle, the law is on your side. If you decide to fight, I’d print out the relevant information and take it to the manager, telling him it’s inappropriate for his security guard to ask for your id and to tell you that you can’t have personal conversations with strangers for whatever reason (as long as it doesn’t involve threatening or obviously offensive behavior) and that the next time it happens, you will file a harassment complaint with the local police and sue the establishment. Harassment is typically defined as repetitive behavior intended to disturb or upset, which doesn’t cover your behavior – talking to a particular woman and stopping when she asks you to stop – but does cover the behavior of the guard if he again interferes in your personal interactions with others. Just to be clear, I’m not a lawyer, but the information I’m giving you is public knowledge for many in the community. A few years back, shop staff and even police would follow pickup students around in the Barnes and Noble in Union Square, NYC. That all stopped when someone stood up to them and explained their rights.