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Eric Disco

I fell well short of my goal; I only did 4. I need to do a better job.

All of my openers were the same. The girl would be walking down the street and I would stop them and say, “Hey, you are really cute and I had to stop you and say hi.”

1. The girl said, “huh?” right after I approached. When I got a closer look at her I didn’t think she was that cute and I instantly gave up and said, “nevermind.”
2. The girl said she wasn’t from around here and was from New York and she walked off.
3. This was a good approach. She was German and was in town for a few weeks. She didn’t speak English that well so it was mostly me talking. I haven’t been getting into conversation much lately so I was asking too many questions and wasn’t really going anywhere.
4. Girl wasn’t into it and I wasn’t that into her so I left after a few statements.