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Well, first you should know that getting into long, comfortable conversations with women is a huge accomplishment. It’s the first half of game. I call this aspect of game social comfort.

You can’t get better without mastering social comfort. The reason it’s not, in and of itself, the highest level of game goes to the root of my definition of game. To me, the definition of game is mimicking – and eventually adopting – the behavioral patterns of the most desirable men, behavioral patterns that women naturally find attractive.

The mindset of the most desirable men is that they are always a little skeptical that the women they meet are good enough for them. The behavior that arises from this mindset takes many forms, including a more relaxed body language, more touching and less respect for personal space boundaries, more teasing, sexier conversation topics, more challenging questions (qualification), and, in general, a more charged, less comfortable conversation.

Yes, that’s right. You’ve spent all this time working your way up to a comfortable conversation, and now it’s time to make your conversations less comfortable. It’s time to make some women uncomfortable enough to walk away. Just by the process of elimination, this will lead to a lower flake rate. But on top of that, your willingness to push the boundaries and take chances will actually make you more attractive to the women who decide to stick around.

When Eric and I teach the Advanced Tactics workshop, we focus on the above aspects of game. We try to make your game edgy enough to lose the flakes and quickly get you into the hot zone with the rest.

Now, let me give you two examples of edgier game. Suppose you meet a lovely young lady. She asks you what you do. You tell her. You ask her what she does and she says she’s a model. It’s easy to raise your eyebrows, smile, and say “Wow. That’s great. You’re very beautiful.” Bzzzzzzzt! Lame-o-matic game. Instead, here is what I do: I nod, keep my face deliberately blank, and say “A model in New York.. (pause) Shocking.” Can you guess what kinds of reactions I get?

Second example. You told her what you do. You’ve asked her what she does. She says marketing. You follow up with a few questions. She answers. Then, you say: “Marketing, huh? A friend of mine is in marketing. Clever guy, but he hasn’t cracked a novel since high school. Is that you?”

These are small examples, but I think you’ll get the picture. In the Advanced Tactics workshop we build your whole approach around this idea of sexier, edgier, and less comfortable conversations.

Hope this helps.